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OCD - any experiences out there? or adictive personalities?

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juicychops Sat 09-Aug-08 13:54:38

at the moment im having CBT for an eating disorder.

i was buying a lot lot lot of food for comfort and as my treatment is progressing im buying less food but ive started going through fazes of buying other stuff to replace the comfort food gave me.

these fazes have been clothes, magazines, jewellery and shoes. its costing me a lot of money but i cant stop.

my therapist says its OCD caused by anxiety and she says i have an addictive personality thats why im more prone to obsess and get uncontrollably adictive to stuff.

my new faze is books which is obviously a healthy obsession as there are many benefits to reading. i mentioned on another thread ive read books in the las tfew weeks based on Tudor history. im now obsessing about it and cant stop thinking about the history. i cant explain it but its like i need to read and learn everything there is to know about it. i cant even get to sleep at night from thinking about it.

im actually scared to get into a different topic of books cos i dont want to feel like this about something else.

the therapist said the only way to treat OCD is to pay no attention to it at all and completely ignore it. but its harder said than done

any advice out there??

Persianvase Sat 09-Aug-08 20:35:38


Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I too have OCD and today had an apointment and was proscribed Citalopram. Apparently these tablets have a high success rate with OCD.

My CBT man said that there was no point completely ignoring the OCD thoughts as it won't work. He said to me 'Dont think of an apple', now whats the first thing that comes into your head? An apple He said that you needed to deal with it (in various ways) if you try to ignore it your whole life is full of anxiety trying to contain the thoughts.

I'm not qualified but could you try the tablets? Or try a different therapist? There are also lots of good books on OCD on Amazon. Sending big hugs. Hopefully someone more knowlegdable will come along soon to help you x

mamalovesmojitos Sat 09-Aug-08 22:01:42

hi there.

no personal experience of ocd but i actually watched an oprah special on it yesterday. six adults with ocd were sent away for a weekend to confront their fears.

i don't know if it's any help but a doctor was on the programme and he was fantastic at helping the people on the show. he got huge results in such a short amount of time. found his book on amazon [[ here].

hope you get some good help.

vixma Sat 09-Aug-08 22:33:31

I know this proberly sounds ignorant as hell, but have you thought of studying a course in history or something you have this intrest in...I do not know how you you feel about this, OU or a home course along with councelling, support.I am not an expert, hence the word ignorant. But if you have this intrest in Tudors, which are very intresting....I share this too. Explore this. But with need support cos it is a roller coster and is challenging. The OU offer short courses and if on a low income will support you with the fees. Sorry if I am ignorant and I do not want to give off that I ama know it all or know anything.

sleeplessinseatle Mon 11-Aug-08 17:19:12

Perhaps this book would be of some help:

The boy who couldnt stop washing. Here

It is about anxiety and OCD split into chapters based on case studies about different issues.

I bought it for my hubby a few years ago

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