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Angry Angry Angry

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MommyTsang Fri 01-Aug-08 19:46:45

I Just seem to be cross all the time !! I feel like I need anger maganement or something....I have DD 4 and DS 3 I dont seem to be able to stop shouting at them, I have a fuse that is microscopic at the moment and dont know why. Everything they do seems to wind me up, I feel like I have to repeat myself god knows how many times and resort to shouting to be heard. Crap parenting, i know.
Does anyone have any great advice or good websites to visit for advice , dont want to alienate my children any more than I have to. I am going to try st johns wort to see if this helps...Have taken AD in the past , this doesnt feel like depression.

piratecat Fri 01-Aug-08 19:49:51


if it is of any help, i have been feeling like this too. My dd is 6, and i think the combination of the weather (crap) and the holidays is making me resentful, tired, fed up and yes really angry.

I di have problems going on, but I am especially tense and shouting at her for the smallest thing. I am on antidepressants which work great for me, so it's not that in my case.

I have bumped into a mum today who is on her own with a 10 and 7 yr old, and she said she's been going potty too.

Is this a thing thats gradually built up recently?

MommyTsang Fri 01-Aug-08 19:59:21

It seems to come and go , I have discussed this with DH, I keep thinking it is maybe hormonal, as dont really have any other excuse. To be honest im clutching at straws. I know i shouldnt feel this cross, and yes, i feel the usual guilt associated with being pants ! Its nice to know you also feel this way. I dont want to turn into chav mom that only shouts at her kids.

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