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im not right

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buzzzybee Thu 31-Jul-08 09:47:12

it all started with a pain in my chest,went ane as i got myself worked up,they did an ecg which was fine,the pain come bk but even worse so i went to see my dr but the problem is i have a history of anxiety and he put it down to this but i cried and begged him to get me help as the pain was to much to take,yesterday i was bk in hospital having scans and more ecg's with blood tests too but they found nothing
last night i couldn't sleep as i was in pain that much,y wont they believe me!
i phoned again this morning as diazepam and numorous painkillers are not working,i just dont want to live nemore
ive had enough but i have a 3yr old and a 3month old,i dont want them to lock me up but i just cant cope with everything and the last thing i want is heath visitors round. im so lost right now. i use to go to my mum for help but she passed away last nov i really need advice

lazaroulovesleggings Thu 31-Jul-08 09:50:17

Could it be something to do with reflux, indigestion etc?
My dad was admitted to hospital with terrible pain, thought he was having a heart attack, they gave him morphine etc. Turns out he has terrible heartburn. Niot sure of the exact details but he has had to make some dietary changes.
Have they ruled that out?

Tortington Thu 31-Jul-08 09:50:21

dunno, hope someone can help soon

buzzzybee Thu 31-Jul-08 09:53:38

thankyou x im hoping its something like that or muscle pain. it must be something like this as the tests was ok. im all in a muddle but its so friggin painful!

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