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Just a whinge really

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Flamesparrow Thu 24-Jul-08 17:13:52

I am on ADs btw.

The last few weeks I have had - fidelity concerns (std that can lie dormant for years but no way to know either way),
stupidly strong antibiotics,
a missing coil (waiting for scan),
feeling very pregnant although probably am not,
my mum told me I am crap as a housewife and a mother (ok, not those words but the sentiment),
DH has announced he doesn't know if he ever wants another child rather than the when we had been discussing,
Due to this phantom pregnancy I have realised I do want another one, and not in a long time.

So, I have the house from hell as normal, a partner who I think is faithful but who doesn't want the same thing as me, and a generally shot self esteem.

Oh, and the man in the shop yelled at me because I dropped the cream due to not putting it in a basket.

I may possibly be hormonal hmmwink

StarSparkle Fri 25-Jul-08 19:52:32

Sounds like you are having a hard time at the moment.

Im also on ADs (just under a year now) so i feel for you.

So just thought I'd send you some hugs ! smile

Flamesparrow Fri 25-Jul-08 19:53:23

Things are slightly better today - DH has done a u-turn on the baby thing Thank you for the hugs

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