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lost the art of adult conversation

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emy1 Sun 06-Feb-05 18:57:52

dont know how to start this
i am having problems with keeping my friends i just dont have anything worth listening to thats how i feel. if i start to talk people look the other way, start yawning or talk to someone else.
i feel like i am talking for the hell of it well to be honest with you i really dont know what i am doing wrong. i am always the one making plans and meet ups if i didnt ring noone would ring me.
i left home at 13 when my parents broke up and i still feel that age sometimes so i guess when i talk to people i probably come across really immature i have always looked after myself as i havent had any family since they split i dont see any of them.i am so scared my children will see i havent got any friends and think this is normal. my son has already lost friends through me. he gets picked on where ever we go we went to the park the other day and he only looked at a boy and was called stupid this is what happened to me as a child we dont look any differnet to anyone else so i dont understand.
any ideas?

KatieinSpain Sun 06-Feb-05 19:16:58

I don't think I have the answers, sorry, but how about trying something or somewhere new? If he is of the right age, a new toddler group or go to a swimming class. Actually, I think what I am saying is try something you really fancy, you are more likely to meet people with similar interests and that makes making friends easier. Could you volunteer in an after school club or anything where you could take your son?

Losing friends is really painful. Maybe, just be honest with your son and the next time someone picks on him, tell him about being little yourself. How about sitting down and working out how best to deal with it together: you know the thing: ignore it, laugh, witty comment (never quick enough myself!), walk away....

Hope things improve.

emy1 Sun 06-Feb-05 19:22:33

i have tried every toddler group in my area i just dont fit in any where i have gone back to my old job to and that is horrendous

charliecat Sun 06-Feb-05 19:22:59

I sure you have got something to day thats worth listening too. I have 1 single solitary friend and most of the time we chinwag about washing dishes and how high the dirty clothes piles is. Its what gets us through the day.
When socialising for the kids sake I find myself talking about utter crap and think OMG is this what other people talk about...its even more pointless than our washing pile conversations!
Your son shouldnt be getting picked on, wherever you are, for whatever reason.
I find just because you have kids the same age as someone doesnt mean to say you will have anything in common with the other parents of the child that your kids are attracted too. What age is your ds?

Dior Sun 06-Feb-05 19:23:52

Message withdrawn

emy1 Sun 06-Feb-05 19:30:39

my son is 3 and the other is 9 months i have a partner but no family i have no support of friends to turn to when i get low so i guess today things have got on top of me and i just had to tell people how i feel i wish i knew what it was like to have a mum or a dad i envy people when i see them together and talk about them it must be so nice to have a mum looking after your children when you go to the shops or pop out i cant imagine what that is like.most days i can hold myself together but today i seemed to have cracked. ido ask other mums about themselves but the conversation dries so i just talk about me i know i am doing it but cant stop myself and i dont know why i am doing now

Dior Mon 07-Feb-05 18:41:01

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Mon 07-Feb-05 18:42:41

where do you live could you go to a meet up everyone is really friendly It must be them its not you

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