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Sh*t. I'm back down again

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Flamesparrow Mon 14-Jul-08 14:12:01

Have been on ADs for about 6 weeks now, they have been fabulous, but this last week I have slumped right back down.

I forgot to say I was on them when I was prescribed strong antibiotics - would the abs have made a difference, or just the whole crappyness of last week throwing me off??

Threadwworm Mon 14-Jul-08 14:27:58

Very sorry you are feeling low at the moment.

I guess that the ADs just boost your 'default mood level' but don't free you from fluctuations around that level that arise from the general crappiness of life.

It's possible that anti-bios -- or the illness that necessitated them -- have added to a temporary lowness, I should think.

But I'm sure the ADs are still working in the background, minimising your low mood. And I'm sure you will be back up there soon.

Best wishes.

Flamesparrow Mon 14-Jul-08 14:39:34

That makes sense

LackaDAISYcal Mon 14-Jul-08 14:49:53

flame I get good days and bad days, even on ADs and it's difficult to separate what is just aa natural bad day from what is the blackest of blackness coming back.

Not sure about the ABs but lots of meds can interfere with ADs so it;s possible. Do you have the AB leaflet; usually it would say in there about interactions with other meds.

Also, are you pretty good at taking them regularly. I'm awful at it, and went away the other weekend and forgot to take them with me blush. I was fine over that weekend but it caught up with me a few days later. It's taken a week to get back on top of things.

Chin up love, try to think positive and if you are still feeling ropey in a few days go and talk to the doc. It could be that you need to play about a bit to get the right therapuetic dose.

hth smile

Flamesparrow Mon 14-Jul-08 14:56:11

Just googled for the info, and it doesn't say that it reacts to ADs, but it does say it messes with all kinds of body chemicals so I think it could well be that which has thrown me off balance.

I am done with them now though, so should pick up in a few days!

I do take them regularly - I missed one 10 days ago, but that is the only one.

LackaDAISYcal Mon 14-Jul-08 14:58:59

well done you for not forgetting. I need to set a reminder alarm on my mobile phone!

I hope you feel better in a few days; depression really sucks sad

Flamesparrow Mon 14-Jul-08 15:52:26

I hate this I had been feeling so much better, then at lunchtime it was a sudden drop - I have been low for a few days, but not like this.

I can't concentrate, and I have so much to do and it all just seems too much - I want to run away from my life and hide

LackaDAISYcal Mon 14-Jul-08 16:31:29

oh, flame...I really feel for you. My house is testament to my being overwhelmed with everything, but I'm slowly getting there. Can you take some time out and go for a swim or something?

Flamesparrow Mon 14-Jul-08 17:00:53

lol - dyed my hair bright pink on Saturday - a swim wouldn't be pretty grin

I do desperately want to do something like that though

LackaDAISYcal Mon 14-Jul-08 17:55:09

a pedicure....with reflexology massage; always guaranteed to lift the spirits! Tell DP he is on DC patrol and get yourself booked in for his first day off.

ah, i remember the no vaseline thread!....but bright're brave!

Flamesparrow Tue 15-Jul-08 15:02:22

I have a manicure booked for thurs next week, and I am going to try and talk him into me going to see MustRunMore for the weekend without children... dunno how that will pan out though!

Flamesparrow Wed 16-Jul-08 22:50:33

I am sooooooooo much better today. I think the antibiotics are out of my system (they say I can drink again wink).

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