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New Diazepam Thread..........

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caitlinnjacksmummy Tue 08-Jul-08 22:09:06

Hey all, just wanted to get a kinda view on who takes diazepam n why basically....I have usd it before when I hd severe ocd n postnatal depression, and nw bn usin it for last 6 weeks roughly, no more than 2 a day, 5mg, but on citalopram 2, because my DS1 has special needs(lotsa severe probs, he is just 16 mnths) and this is reason for me being bk on valium, but new dr quite reluctant to give it, as my regular dr off on long term sick and he knows my history n gave me it wenever I needed it....nw I am worrying as prescription about to run out n worried, hav phone consultation with dr tomorro, but dunno wat t say hmm

laidbackinengland Wed 09-Jul-08 15:56:06

The new doctor is following appropriate guidelines. The recommendations are that diazepam(valium) is not prescribed long term (no more than 21 days) as it is so easy to become dependant on. Generally it is prescribed for anxiety related issues. The problem with long term use is
1.The anxiety doesn't actually change
2. You can become dependant
3. You generally build up a tolerance to it, therefore need more to get the same affect.
4. Some people get 'breakthrough anxiety'.

Maybe the dcotor would prescribe less for you for a month i.e. 5mg daily to help wean you off it ?

Are you getting any other help, CBT etc ?

caitlinnjacksmummy Wed 09-Jul-08 16:07:12

Jus stared new post above ...when had my psychologit there was no need for the cbt as i made great progrss on tabs n with therapy, and obv support from family etc, n of course kids kept me going...was a very dark time, but today had phone consult wi dr and he was afraid that I become dependant on diazepam as he sed I had had it quite frequently , hardly call 2 prescriptions of 21 tabs in last 6-8 weeks a habit!!! And am allowed up t 3 a day which don't ever take 3 a day, I know drs hve t follow guidelines and appreciate that, but I know pople who do not have a quarter of probs I have n get prescribe vey frequntly, anyway nw drug he has given me in place of diazepam is called "buspirone" other name "buspar" does anyone take it or know anytng about it?

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