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i need some help.

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misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 17:00:39

i am finding it very hard this week. i have hardly been out, as dh is il lagain and have waited in for days for the gp to come out. i am losing my mind. i just yelled at dh to get out of bed and go watch the girls so ican do some housework as each time i turn my back dd2 is upto mischeif. he yelled back at me and i feel awful. i cant sleep, and am permently shattered.

amynnixmum Thu 27-Jan-05 17:01:50


misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 17:02:08

i just want a break from it all.

nutcracker Thu 27-Jan-05 17:02:32

Oh misdee, i don't know how you cope honestly i don't.

Have you tried homestart ?? they would give you a volunteer to help you.

noddyholder Thu 27-Jan-05 17:02:59

I really wish I was closer to you so that I could help I have been where you are and it's so hard.What is wrong with dh is it the same thing?Can't social services give you some help until he's better

amynnixmum Thu 27-Jan-05 17:03:01

Can no-one come round so you can get out for a bit?

misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 17:03:01

i dont want someone to come in. i want to get out.

misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 17:03:48

Gp has phoned thro for emergency cardiology appointment. he feels dh cardiomyopathy is getting worse.

misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 17:07:23

even just a night out at the cinema would make me feel normal and less resentful.

noddyholder Thu 27-Jan-05 17:07:26

Social services can bring someone in to give you some respite if things are getting too much.If dh's heart is getting worse they may rush his treatment he will def be further up the list for a transplant Where do you live?Is there no one who can help?

misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 17:27:19

i get help with cleaning, and getting dd1 to and from school, but just feel i've lost who i am atm. all i do is look after the kids, dh and worry about bubs. i dont seem to do anything just for me.

misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 19:39:03

doesnt look likely i'll be able to go out for a while now, dh has been admitted back to hospital again.

sparklymieow Thu 27-Jan-05 22:49:46

misdee why didn't you say so, we can go to the pictures one day if you want to, Just you and me!! how about it??

Frizbe Thu 27-Jan-05 22:55:26

sorry to hear your having a hard time misdee, give homestart a try as at least they can send someone around to your house to assist with the kids, whilst you grab sometime to yourself (in the bath for example), also agree with the comments about respite (when dh is out of hospital) have a chat with the people at homestart, I'm sure they can point you in the right direction. {{{HUGS}}}

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