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Mirena coil and depression/anxiety?

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Molesworth Thu 19-Jun-08 12:40:06

Has anyone else using the mirena coil experienced side effects such as 'brain fog', depression and anxiety?

I had mine put in at the beginning of 2004, and since then I have been incapacitated by depression and anxiety. I've always been prone to depression and anxiety, so I put it down to some traumatic life events over the last few years, but I have never been this unwell for this long. I have mentioned the possibility that the Mirena may be a factor to several health professionals, only to be told that it can't possibly have anything to do with my mental health since the progesterone level is much lower than that of the pill. However, I've come across a recent research study that found hormone levels to be double that of the minipill!

Having done some research on the internet I can see that thousands of women are reporting side effects from the Mirena, some of them very serious. In a lot of cases these symptoms have disappeared or lessened greatly after having the thing removed. Some women are taking legal action against the manufacturers and the FDA (in the US).

I've made an appointment to have mine removed next week. It'll be very interesting to see what difference it makes (if any!). If I make a miraculous recovery I'll be relieved, but also furious that this supposedly harmless device has effectively ruined my capacity to cope with life for four years.

I could be barking up the wrong tree, but thought it worth posting to see if anyone else has had similar experiences with Mirena.

Homefirst69 Thu 25-Feb-16 12:00:49

Hi, does anyone know whether there has been any legal action taken in the UK against the manufacturer, (Bayer) of the mirena coil.

I have read soooo much via internet searches regarding the side effects of this thing following my personal experience with the coil.

I am sooo angry that I was constantly told by medical professionals that the coil couldn't be causing my symptoms, in addition to the fact that i have lost the last 6/7 months of my life due to the side effects.

allikerr002 Sun 26-Jul-15 20:27:45

I got the mirena coil put in about a year ago and only recently started to associate my problems with the coil. I've had anxiety since and also doctor said I probably have IBS, but didn't have either of these before the coil. Started to think I was going mad as nothing the doctor gave me helped, I now finally have a referral for gynaecologist however know that can take a while and previous posts have made me think I'm probably better off going to family planning and requesting it out. Just don't know what to get instead as went on this to stop periods (actually have started getting cramp and spotting the past 2 months tho), I was on the jag before and liked it other than it killed my sex drive and as a single person that's not good! Thinking the mini pill or it will be back to the jag, any advice would be great.
I also seen some posts saying it may not be the coil, which I understand however my thyroid has been tested along with a few other things and all were normal.

SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 14-Jul-15 19:40:59

I haven't RTT which I know is poor form, but I'm in a hurry today. I had my Mirena Coil removed today after 4 months of twingey pains, ovarian pains and also weight gain, no libido and permanent spotting. According to the lovely nurse who removed it, the Mirena is progesterone based, which is the hormone that spikes before a period. SO this is why I have been craving cakes, having more tummy bugs that normal and also feeling grotty as this is how I feel before I get my period. It all makes sense now. Having it taken out was a dream - nurse told me to cough as she whipped it out - didn't feel a thing. Looking forward to being myself again!

emilymartin Wed 29-Apr-15 18:43:34

I had the coil removed 3 weeks ago and I wish I had done it sooner. Ive been suffering for about two years and after a friend of mine told me she had hers removed for the same reason I finally made the appointment. Before the removal I had suffered with terrible brain fog, depression, low sex drive, lumpy abdomen and breasts etc for 2 years (since insertion), all of that dissapeared within a week of removal (yes including the lumps which suggests to me its not just a placebo effect), i wrote the whole thing in detail here:

Moral of the story, if you feel like a different person since youve had it put in, chances are its the coil. If you get it taken out you will return to your normal self. However if the coil works for you then I am very envious because it was very efficient! However some peoples hormones are not to be messed with and Im one of them. Take care of yourselves ladies xx

Ziporina Wed 18-Mar-15 09:01:05

Molesworth just found your review,have daughter with same probs as you and was wondering if you have remained well and if you are having Oestregen or anti depressants.

tazz86 Fri 28-Nov-14 00:15:57

I'm so glad I read this thread!! I had the marina fitted last November due to constantly bleeding for 6 months after having my daughter. Didn't hurt when fitted and I felt ok for the first 6/7 weeks. I then started to feel low, irritable, crying all the time, was horrible to my husband, just couldn't be arsed with anything. Finally went to the doctors and was told I had post natal depression. I was on tablets for 6months and by the end of the 6months I started to feel more normal.
I've now been off them for a few months and it's all happening again but worse. I have never suffered with depression before, always been such a happy go lucky person, but the last year I have felt like a different person. It's now got to the point where I don't have any interest in playing with my daughter, which makes me feel like a bloody awful mum. When I've been to the doctors previously and mentioned the coil may be causing it, they have always said it has nothing to do with it, but after reading this I'm convinced it is the problem. I've also got family and friends who have had the maremma fitted and have had no problems, so I guess I'm just the unlucky one. I'm going to make an app to have it removed x

Jillyo1 Sat 22-Nov-14 22:58:24

Hi just wondered if it's worth me having the mirena coil taken out I have had this in for about 3 yrs I am basically suffering from anxiety? I have seen the gp had my hormones tested, thyroid, and everything else all negative. Back in August I had my first panic attack whilst on holiday it was awful and my holiday was ruined by this attack it felt as if I was on drugs and I have never taken drugs at all! I even had the doctor out on hols and he gave me tablets and injection to calm me down but it didn't really help I couldn't wait to go home �� I am even seeing a counsiller which I pay privately, I am just waiting to see someone at the doctors for more help getting a bit desperate. Anyway any advice would be welcome? By the way I have decided not to take any tablets off the doctors I tried them but just felt awful just made my throat even tighter. Thanks

Pricesamantha Tue 28-Oct-14 00:54:26

Hay everyone couldent help but comment ,,I have felt like I I have been living in a nightmear since January ,,I sufferd an ectopic pregnancy in jan which it burst in my tube ,,with the shock of it I then had a mild stroke at the aged of 27 ,,left with one tube that was found to be damaged to the doctor told me it wouldent be possible to get pregnant until its cleared ,,I later found out in may I was pregnant over the moon I'd say ,,but in June found no heart beat ,,I was told by the doc to have a mc coil fitted for a good space of time to let my body and mind recover and oh my lord it's felt like a slow labour since June curled over in pain ,,I am having sharp pain in my left side ,,my eating habits are descusting and my stomach looks like am pregnant ,,I have gone from 9st 3pound upto 11st 2 in a few mths I Cba doing anythink I am speaking to my partner like somethink off the end ov my shoe ,,I have been with my partner 10 years and enjoyed are relationship up until June ,,I am not in the mood for sex atall ,,I am getting my mc removed at 4 tomorrow and carnt wait smile xxx

Claireblack10 Sat 25-Oct-14 23:05:53

I had depression for 11 years in my twenties and was on the pill for all of that time. I was then diagnosed with a dermoid cyst the size of a grapefruit in 2005 and since it was removed have not suffered from depression at all. So nearly 10 years!

With my family now complete I decided to have the mirena coil fitted. I felt fine for the first 6 weeks and then started to feel extremely anxious. It came on very quickly and I know the symptoms all too well. I lasted 48 hours feeling this way (how I stood 11 years I'll never know) and have removed it myself. I don't want it to escalate further and am not prepared to wait and see if the symptoms calm down. Life is too short.

I'm sure the mirena coil works well for loads of women but certainly not for everyone. Go with your gut instinct. I know my own body now and will continue to listen to it. It's a shame I didn't do that a long time ago!

passion3flower Sat 02-Aug-14 01:45:32

There's a very informative site with lots of information on how to lose weight and get rid of the mirena iud side effects and find other natural birth control options. Check out: Her detox has also been immensely helpful to my recovery and I seriously recommend it

AshleaUK Wed 27-Nov-13 22:02:00

Hi, had mu mirena put in 2 years ago after my first baby. I have previously had the mini-pill (progesterone only) and only took that for 1 month as the side effects were so bad, complete loss of sex drive, minutes of contemplating suicide, depression, mood swings. I didn't have any periods for 5 months after this. So this made me realise that i must be very sensitive to progesterone.
I did a good bit of research into Mirena and decided that whilst it has the progesterone in it, it is localised and the company and doctors were confident that any side effects should me very minimal.
2 years of ups and downs (not helped by money worries) I tried my best to hang in there and allow the mirena to settle in.
I got to a point where I realised that despite having a period each month I would instead have 5 days a month of feeling exhausted and anxious and low. I have definitely put on half a stone in weight that is purely a consequence of the mirena. But the final straw was when every other month I would end up having a nervous breakdown. I would be a wreck, shaking, anxious and incredibly upset. I realised that I couldn't go on like this.
So a week and a half ago I had the mirena removed, painless and effortless (like the insertion).
Couple of days later I started to bleed heavily and then heavier again. Then came the blood clots. I would notice a cramp/contraction as it was passing too which made it even more uncomfortable. The clots varied in size between half an inch to 2 inches in diameter. I was exhausted too and very dizzy. I also had night sweats for 6 days. (just like after i had my baby). I ended up having to take 2 days off work to recover. I upped my iron intake to help with the blood loss and it seemed to help. My doctor meanwhile checked I had no infection with a swab, clear and advised me to keep an eye on things.
9 days after having the coil removed and the bleeding stopped. Still felt bit tired.
Last night (11 days after mirena removal) I felt very lethargic and flu like. I went to bed and all night i experienced nightmares. These were nightmares that exhausted me, I felt very anxious in my sleep and no matter how many times I turned over I still couldn't shake these nightmares. (I may have the odd anxious dream now and again but nothing like this).
By 6am I decided to sit up and go to the toilet to try to stir myself out of the dreams. It took me a few minutes to stand as I still felt exhausted, confused and dizzy. I knew the time because the heating had just come on, usually it is still quite cold at this time but i noticed I felt very hot and nauseaous.
I made my way to the toilet and collapsed on it, sitting right back. My fiance came in as he didnt realise I was in the toilet and I told him i felt sick, I was at this point coherent but still dazed and not in full control of my exhausted body.
He went to check on our son, meanwhile I fell unconscious and collapsed onto the floor (hurting my neck and head also). He came in to find me screaming at the top of my voice. He tried to tell me to calm down and was tapping me to get me to respond. All I remember was feeling like I was screaming but I couldnt hear myself screaming. I was aware of one out of 15 words that my fiance said, the other words I just didnt hear. I also was unresponsive and delirious until he started yelling louder telling me our son was scared because I was screaming. He repeated this over and over until eventually I managed to hear this and it took all my power to try to regain control of my body and mind. My fiance managed to pull me up and prop me in a slumped position against the wall. I then realised that what had just happened was not at all normal so told him to ring for an ambulance.
By the time I got to hospital my obs were perfect, no temperature, good blood pressure, normal heart rate. Whatever had happened my body had recovered almost instantly. They took my blood and tested for everything. Only thing found was a minor cold (which I have had a slight runny nose from but nothing else). They decided that as nothing was found to be a cause and as I am healthy (as can be) that it was possibly due to stress and exhaustion. I mentioned the mirena and the many side effects that doctors aren't widely aware of, but he couldn't really say other than it could have been a factor.
I feel ok now, very tired, I could sleep forever and a bit groggy.
I have been reading about nightmares from the mirena and it appears other women have had them too. I am now going to carry on reading to see if there is anything I can do to help with the mirena progesterone withdrawal effects and go to my local doctor to discuss it.
If anyone else has a similar experience then please share. I hope my experience helps others too. Good Luck to everyone!

kiera26 Wed 20-Nov-13 11:56:10

*discussing not disussing

*it interacts with not would interact with #badgrammar!

kiera26 Wed 20-Nov-13 11:53:50

I have read how well St. John's Wort works for anxiety and depression and wish I could use it myself but you really shouldn't be taking it if you have a Mirena iud, it can stop it from working as a contraceptive! I tried looking around for info to back up what I've read but I couldn't find anything substantial. It is written in the Mirena leaflets and booklets not to take it though, it might be worth disussing with your doctor or gynaecologist (although even some professionals seem confused as to whether or not it would interact with Mirena).

Veryrelieved Sat 14-Sep-13 10:14:48

I'm 47 and have had 2 coils fitted. The first one I had for around 4.5 years, it was very painful when fitted and I felt like fainting as the doctor did it and it went right up into my womb. When the Dr. came to remove it it got stuck so had to have it surgically removed under general anaesthitic and another put it. I realise now that I have never felt right, as in feeling depressed and over anxious with either coil and was told after having my two children that as the progesterone would only be in my womb that it wouldn't cause side effects. The second coil I seemed to have a lot bleeding with and after a couple of months couldn't sleep without the light on, something I'd never had a problem with, 2 years later my Dr. prescribed more progesterone on top of the coil to reduce my bleeding, followed by a little white progesterone pill to stop it while on holiday. Next thing I was experiencing horrific panic attacks (having never suffered one in my life before), fear of going into dark small places (again never encountered before), even shops and supermarkets if I couldn't see a window. Also, part of my tongue went numb for over a week. Thought I was having a break down, realise it was this synthetic progesterone, threw the tablets away and have just had my coil which came out quickly and easily at the surgery taken out yesterday. I feel so much better already and realise now the anxiety and depression I've been suffering is down to this merina coil which should be banned.

Had personal stories from around 10 people, colleagues and friends who have had this coil and all have suffered symptoms of either depression with suicidal thoughts, anxiety, painful breasts and breathing difficulties at times; which they have now linked to when they had the coil in apart from one who seems to have been fine. I believe the copper coil is fine but I'm not having anything in after this and my husband is going to have the snip.

PMR12SD Tue 13-Aug-13 17:08:07

I'm 49 and had my Mirena fitted in January this year as I had very heavy, irregular and prolonged periods, fibroids causing pain, plus a history of endometriosis and surgery between babies. After a 6 months of irritating bleeding/spotting without letup, I finally stopped bleeding. However, I have put on a load of weight despite exercising and eating the same, I have lost my sex drive, I feel rubbish, tearful and deflated a lot of the time, and feel like an old lady constantly forgetting things and not being able to explain what I want to say. I've also started having the abdominal fibroid cramping pain again, which goes on for 36 hours at a time. Mirena was my last resort to postpone the inevitable hysterectomy. I've made an appointment to have my coil taken out next week. I know it works for lots of people; obviously not me. This thread and also another relating to the weight gain on Mirena, have been very insightful. Thank you.

RelievedRamona Sun 02-Jun-13 21:24:26

I thought I was becoming a monster. I had my Mirena placed in April 2013. I've only had it for about a 6 weeks. In these six weeks I've experienced aggression, uncontrolled anxiety, EXTREME mood swings, and aggressive thoughts and suicidal ideations.

Now, I've dealt with PPD and that stemmed into manic-depression. Never have I ever felt this low or this unstable. I don't feel in control. The past two weeks my actions and feelings have caused me a separation from my son's father and I have become a person to fear in my family. I've even become afraid of myself! I'm grateful that my son has not seen any of my outlandish behaviors.

Anyhow, I made the decision to research the root of the cause of this sudden change and first spoke with my psychiatrist about it possibly being due to other hormonal issues I've experienced and not just an extreme manic/depressive episode. I explained that I've had to go through various methods of hormone therapies to tackle some uterine issues and was advised by my ob/gyn that an IUD would be last resort. I simply asked my psych, "Could the hormones that I'm on and off with and possibly the Mirena hormones trigger depressive episodes for me?" The doctor told me it could send me into a depressive state but he wouldn't relate it to the Mirena. I thought What?! Did you just say yes and no in the same sentence? So I did research on all the medicine that I've recently had to take and find a root to this new behavior.

I started in on the anxiety, the negative thoughts, and the constant crying. It began with the Mirena. So I looked up side effects and even checked out forums because I feel like sometimes manufacturers omit some serious stuff. Sure enough I've found that I'm not the only person going through these extremes. Some women didn't have them until later than others or didn't realize it until later but the symptoms are linked nonetheless. There was so much hopelessness that I've dragged into in the past few weeks. I seriously feel like such a monster.

I've found hope. I'm calling my ob/gyn doctor first thing Monday morning and getting this thing removed!!

Roobear40 Sun 14-Apr-13 21:41:12

Hi All,

I have read the above posts with great interest. I had a mirena fitted in feb last year following diagnosis of endometriosis. After several weeks of bleeding constantly then spotting, things did settle down - I now have no pain, no periods and from that point of view things are great. However, since having it in I have never cried so much in my life. Pre mirena I wasn't a tearful person, but I reckon I cry most weeks now over the smallest thing and without any real rationale. I'm not really sure what to do. I have no children, I am single, and have no desire to go on any medication, but I don't think I can go on like this for much longer. What is priortiy, well being or the pain threshold?

jniffer Mon 25-Mar-13 22:52:45

Thank you ladies for all of your posts. I literally feel like I have been living in Hell on Earth for the last 10 months. Like many of you, I have felt at times like I was literally going crazy and that I would never be happy again. Here is my story.

I had my first child last March of 2012 and had the Mirena inserted at the end of April 2012. I have suffered from depression and anxiety in the past and have been on many anti-depressants, benzos, mood stabilizers, etc. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped taking all medications. I started walking every day for at least 20 minutes and started taking a huge amount of vitamins, including high doses of fish oil. Well..whatever I was doing must have worked because I hadn't felt so good in many years. After I had my son in March 2012, I still felt really good. No post partum depression which was a huge relief. It was in July of 2012 that something changed. I started feeling this nagging anxiety that would come and go. I started fighting with my boyfriend all the time which added to the anxiety. My ability to cope with stressful situations was down to zero. As the months went by, the anxiety got worse and worse to the point that I felt anxious every single second of the day. The only way I can describe it is it felt like I had drank four cups of coffee on an empty stomach. I was jittery, scatter-brained, shaky, moody and just felt plain awful. I only had to think of a negative thought in my head, and my body would go into panic mode that I couldn't get out of. Elevated pulse, shaking hands, inability to concentrate, memory problems, etc.

In addition to the anxiety, I have felt this debilitating fatigue about 70% of the time. For many months I attributed that to being a new mom with an infant who didn't sleep through the night. When my son started sleeping all night, I became concerned that no matter how much I slept, I was so tired. I was walking around like a zombie all the time.

The memory/focus/concentration issues have be so terrible as well. I have to write everything down or else I forget simple things almost immediately.

In addition to the above, I have felt waves of depression and absolutely no sex drive. In fact, the idea is kind of repulsive. (That is definitely not ordinary for me). I am slightly naseous most days and have very little appetite.

During this time I started a new job after being out of the work force for nearly two years. It has been a daily struggle just to keep this job as I fell terrible every second of the day.

I have been two several doctors and they just want to put me back on mood stabilizers and anti-anxietys meds. I refuse to go down that path as I am very skeptical of pharmaceuticals at this point.

After googling Mirena and anxiety, my suspicious began to grow that these terrible symptoms are hormonal and related to the Mirena. I pray this is the answer for me and I have schedule with my doctor to have the Mirena removed on April 1st.

I certainly hope I notice a difference within a couple weeks of removal and I will update my post if I get noticeable results.

I am SO glad everyone took the time to post so I was able to get a possible solution for my very debilitataing issues. I know in my heart that if these symptoms continue, I will lose my job, my friends and my sanity!!!

melfive Tue 12-Mar-13 13:45:34

Thank goodness for threads like these! I honestly thought I was loosing the plot and will to live before I came across your posts.

I had the Mirena fitted in September 2012 - one year after having my first child. It sounded like the perfect contraception -"last 5 years and little/no periods after 6 months". I thought why would any woman want any other contraception.

Well little did I know that my life would turned upside down thereafter. Depression and anxiety set in and my brain felt murky all the time. I wasn't functioning in meetings at work, was constantly snapping at those closest to me, felt like I had a ton of bricks sitting on my chest by the end of the day and just felt like running away all the time. It only dawned on me that the Mirena could be causing all this ill feeling (and not the usual stress of life) when a friend mentioned that she felt like a different person when she had it removed. Thanks to your posts, I called the doctor immediately and scheduled for it to be removed yesterday. I look so forward to feeling normal again in the next coming days!

Thank you ladies.

rosssy Thu 07-Mar-13 17:03:46


Hi, im 21!

I had the marina coil fitted end of November 2012 - for the reason that i suffer from heavy periods and painfull ones, and was told by my gp this would help with that..since i had it fitted i bled EVERYDAY obs not like when your on a full blown period but eveyrday i had some kind of bleeding, and my actual periods where so heavy and painfull.. then i started to get really low and from then everything went down hill!! im usually a really confident happy person with a stress free life but since the coil, i started to become so depressed and self concious of myself and my body image. i would cry nearly every day!!! and hated life and just wanted to hide myself away from everyone! i lost all my self confidence and my mood swings were terrible. i also lost a alot of hair! me and my bf started arguing alot due to the fact i was so down and was gettin him down!!! i honestly can say i even had days where i didnt care if i was to die!!!! ive never sufferd from depression or anything like that b4! i also started to get regular panic attacks!! i finally went to the gp and decided to have the coil removed hoping this would be the reason for my current state of mind. i had it removed a week and half ago february 18th 2013. I can honestly say since then i feel like the girl i was before i had the coil fitted! i havnt cried once and im feeling confident and happy within myself agaiin!! i honeslty think having the coil fitted was the most worst desicsion of my life!! i never want to feel like that again!!! if your thinking of getting the coil fitted please be aware of the side affects as i was not warned about these when i went to have mine fitted!!! i would NEVER recomend the coil myself xxxx

triplets03 Fri 01-Feb-13 19:32:28

I,m amazed at the amount of comments on here regarding the Merina coil! I had mine fitted nearly five years ago, i bled initially for around 5 weeks which i was reassured would settle and it did. My periods completely stopped which was a great relief after suffering heavy long ones for years. I thought it was an amazing thing until.....1 year after having it fitted i had a death in my family and woke in the night with a panic attack, my shoulders/ upper back was burning, my heart was pounding and I could not settle at all, i can remember walking round in circles in my living room trying to slow my breathing down, eventually my husband called an ambulance and i was taken in, i was left in a little cubicle with a chair to calm down. After a while i decided to leave and felt as though i was stupid and an inconvience. When i got home i managed to go baxk to sleep but when i woke up in the morning i was in a right state....i completely lost all concentration, i was once again panicky, couldnt eat couldnt drink, couldnt sit still, couldnt be left alone i was completely out of my mind (or so i thought). Anyway went to docs a was put on anti D's and it was put down to the bereavement in my family. It took along time for the anti d's to work, i was infact in this state for 3 weeks before i started to feel better. Anyway we are now 4 years on and i am still on the anti d's as i tried to come off them around a year ago and started having panic attacks again so carried on with them. I mentioned to the doc about hormones and he ran a blood test to check it, it came back ok so that was ruled out. I just can't believe that the initial death has caused this for so long.....i still think its got something to do with the Mirena. Its great that i dont have a period but i do not want a new one inserted when this expires if its this causing my anxiety. I am still having random episodes of fear and burning shoulders, mainly when i am trying to go to sleep. Helpppppppp

justenoughplease Tue 22-Jan-13 03:12:07

I've had my second Mirena in for the last 2.5 yrs. My first was in for only a year or so, six months of that with severe anxiety that eventually responded to SSRIs. I blamed life events for that. Had it out to have another child, then returned back in 2010. Wham, within a couple of months I was back in the dark places. Not until a week ago did I put two and two together. Well, hopefully. Anybody who switched Mirena to Paragard IUD who had improved their anxiety issue? How long does it take to start feeling better? I have an appointment for a physical next week, my doc wants that first before she takes the Mirena out and gives me the Paragard. Thank you for any insight. This thread has simply changed my life. I am so angry for losing these years...

Tink3 Sun 30-Dec-12 18:52:01

Just wanted to say thank god I found this site as I thought I was going stir crazy, I had the coil fitted 3 months ago against my wishes but was promised it was the best thing and everyone in the clinic wanted one apparently. Anyway a week after having it fitted I noticed I started feeling agitated all the time, since then i am an emotional wreck crying all the time and feeling so low with zero zest for life which isn't me at all. My poor husband is doing everything he can to be tolerant with me but I just can't help the way I feel, anyway enoughs enough now and I think I've just spoilt everyone's Christmas by being so miserable so I'm getting this horrible thing out on Thursday, here's hoping I can have my happy mental state back. We shouldn't have to suffer with these stupid hormones. Hope everyone's feeling better xx

Mumof4girls84 Wed 14-Nov-12 00:07:28

Hey ladies been researching on the net about the Mirena coil,

I had it put in 4 weeks ago now after having my baby girl, it's been awful! I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder a few years ago and have gone through a lot of different meds to get me on the right track, but after having this its set of a whole load of trouble! Rage, anxiety, terrible mood swings depression the list goes on .... So have decided I'm having it removed, my health visitor did warn me that this might happen, so if any of you feel like this go and see your gp before it gets any worse. I'm hoping to get back to some normality when it's out. X

Tiffanyb Wed 07-Nov-12 14:34:28

I thought I should write a post to update anyone who has been following this thread.

Where do I start! I have finally discovered what was causing my symptoms and it WASN'T the mirena coil. Things got worse and my symptoms especially anxiety, panic attacks, tiredness and brain fog got so bad that I broke down in work and was sent straight to my GP where they ran a blood test. I was shocked to discover that I have an under active thyroid. It all makes sense now, looking back at how gradually symptoms came on me.

My main reason for posting in here today is to tell you all that there could be another reason why you are having symptoms and it might not be the coil that is the problem. The trouble with diagnosing an under active thyroid is that there is a 'normal' range for thyroid function so if you are tested for it, results may come back normal but if like me your normal range drops then you will start to slowly show symptoms of what is called 'hypothyroidism'. Until your thyroid level drops to abnormal, that is only when it s picked up in a routine blood test. I am now taking thyroxine which takes a long time to kick in but slowly a
I am starting to feel better. No more panic attacks and far less anxiety, I don't feel 100% but getting there.

I've just been reading some posts on here and they sound very familiar to the symptoms of an under active thyroid. Other symptoms are irregular or painful periods, joint aches, especially in back, arms and legs, fatigue, weight gain (I didn't have that one surprisingly), confusion, memory loss and constipation. If you have any of these symptoms I'd get to your GP and ask for a thyroid function test. Normal thyroid range is 10-25.

Good luck ladies x x x

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