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Mirena coil and depression/anxiety?

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Molesworth Thu 19-Jun-08 12:40:06

Has anyone else using the mirena coil experienced side effects such as 'brain fog', depression and anxiety?

I had mine put in at the beginning of 2004, and since then I have been incapacitated by depression and anxiety. I've always been prone to depression and anxiety, so I put it down to some traumatic life events over the last few years, but I have never been this unwell for this long. I have mentioned the possibility that the Mirena may be a factor to several health professionals, only to be told that it can't possibly have anything to do with my mental health since the progesterone level is much lower than that of the pill. However, I've come across a recent research study that found hormone levels to be double that of the minipill!

Having done some research on the internet I can see that thousands of women are reporting side effects from the Mirena, some of them very serious. In a lot of cases these symptoms have disappeared or lessened greatly after having the thing removed. Some women are taking legal action against the manufacturers and the FDA (in the US).

I've made an appointment to have mine removed next week. It'll be very interesting to see what difference it makes (if any!). If I make a miraculous recovery I'll be relieved, but also furious that this supposedly harmless device has effectively ruined my capacity to cope with life for four years.

I could be barking up the wrong tree, but thought it worth posting to see if anyone else has had similar experiences with Mirena.

tanyalou Mon 07-Feb-11 21:53:33

Hi, thought i should come back and post again. I called my doctors to find out what kind of coil I have but having moved a year ago it appears the my notes from my previous doctors have not made it onto the new doctors system and are now lost in cyber space. Great angry. Well since them i've dillied and dallied about worry what to do about birth control once its out but I really must bite the bullett as my depression is no better and I need to at least try without the coil to see if its the cause. I get it sorted and let you know. I hope you start to feel better soon Voddygirl.

voddygirl Thu 10-Feb-11 12:05:53

Hi just thought I would keep you posted. As said I had my mirena coil removed a week past Tuesday, and believe it or not I can actually feel a difference already. Just now just chinks of light but my goodness, what a feeling!!! I have actually giggled properly for the first time in years. It is very early days though so and still have many of the symptoms but at least I can see light at the end of the tunnel. A message for Tanyalou - I too had concerns about what to do for birth control but I realised that my psychological health had to come first and foremost so my priority was to have the mirena removed. However he clinic I went to was very helpful discussing all my options, however I chose to have a normal copper coil fitted that has no harmones whatsoever and is equally as safe as the Mirena. Please dont'dilly dally' your mental health should be your priority - I know I can never ever go back to the place I have been and I do believe its been mainly due to the Mirena. Good luck with what you choose to do and I pray you get well soon - this message also goes to anyone else who is suffering due to this awful device. As a matter of interest I have just finished reading Denise Welch's book 'Pulling Myself Together'. A very interesting read in which she is brutally honest about what she has went through during her years of depression - and low and behold a few pages from the end it reveals that she too mainly suffered due to the harmones in the Mirena coil - it drained her of all oestrogen and she needed to have this replaced. She still has bad days but the majority of the time she is really well since having it removed. I related to many of her symptoms and feelings during the black spells, and it helped to understand that what I was feeling was real. A message to all - stick with your own instincts, if you believe that you are suffering due to the Mirena - this will be the problem - do not be swayed - get it removed. Up to now it is working for me and I will keep you posted.

erinandmimasmummy Sun 13-Feb-11 11:11:43

Yes, definitely The mirena coil did affect my mood. I agree with everything Molesworth has written above. I had my mirena coil fitted(age 34) after a termination for an unplanned pregnancy (which did break my heart). At first I put my low mood, lethargy, anxiety, sleep problems, etc to the reason why the mirena coil was fitted in the first place and other stress related items that were happening at that time in my life. However I am normally a logical and 'sane' person and I knew that there was something else causing me to feel this way; I couldn't see anything positive in anything - not even my two beautiful children who normally make me so happy. I was beginning to think that my existance was a complete waste of time. Then, I started examining factors and did a random search on the internet linking the mirena coil to depression - bingo! There were a significant number of threads that linked the mirena coil to the symptoms that I was displaying. At this point I must mention that I didn't have any of the other symptoms that people were mentioning - no weight gain or bleeding (didn't have a period at all during the time I had the coil). I did have slightly problematic skin - but nothing major. Anyway, I decided to have it removed - to see if it would change my mood. If it didn't then I'd put the depression that I was feeling down to the termination and would think again. My doctor was brilliant - she didn't judge me or make me feel useless and agreed that we should remove it to see if it made me feel better. Removal was very quick, very straightforward and didn't hurt at all - not even a teeny bit. Now, a month later, I feel so much better - There has been a significant improvement in mood - I do not feel anxious all the time, I don't cry at the drop of a hat, I am coping better with work, I find joy in my children again and I have even started running every weekend - and it's not too much hassle - unbelievable. I had to share this because if people are feeling this way - do not be persuaded that you are being ridiculous. I truly believe that the coil made me depressed and having it removed (for me) was the best decision I could have made.

dkdy Tue 15-Feb-11 09:04:48

hi everyone
just had my second coil removed yesterday. No problems with the first. Had second fitted last june and within weeks started suffering from anxiety depression panic attacks headaches constant thrush mood swings the list goes on. Been having CBT through my GP, but when I discovered there may be a link to the coil and that hundreds maybe thousands of women were feeling just like me I decided to have it removed.My Gp put up no fight yesterday nor did she try to tell me how I was feeling was nothing to do with the coil, maybe she has researched the net also. Anyway its out now,not looking forward to heavy periods but will be worth it to get my sanity back.I am 44 and thought I was having a breakdown.Goodluck everyone.

hannahbb Sun 27-Feb-11 20:43:02

Oh, at last! this just might be the key to my anxiety, depressive feelings, crying, short temper, etc etc,,,,. My partner has just researched anxiety and the mirena. I feel like I am going mad! I have mirror image feelings to so many of you who have the mirena. I have had mine for the last 2 1/2 years since the birth of my last daughter. Its been the worst 2 1/2 years of my life!!! I have had a lot of stressfull times over the last 2 years but after reading all the messages I am hoping that my "innability" to cope is down to the mirena! I am going to have it removed ASAP. I really hope I will begin to feel abit like my old self again and start enjoying my life, and sex life again. :-)

decaffeinated Mon 28-Feb-11 07:43:45

Wow, I had no idea that there were so many other women experiencing problems with Mirena.

I had a mirena coil fitted back in June last year, and I have been thinking I have been going mad.

Terrible mood swings, bad temper, irritability like I have never experienced before and on a bad day feeling that I can't go on with life being this hard (yet knowing in a more rational moment, that it's not THAT hard). Oh and crying loads too, and generally feeling no joy.

I put it down to post-natal depression, but looking back, these feelings started shortly after having the Mirena fitted. I don't believe it's a coincidence, neither does my DH.

I am going to have the coil removed, and see where I am after that, but have my fingers firmly crossed, and like so many others hope I can start to enjoy life properly again!

voddygirl Fri 04-Mar-11 17:54:16

Hi everyone, as said I would keep yous posted on my progress after having that nasty device removed from my body. Well its a month since I had it removed and I just CAN NOT believe the difference.

The fog is finally lifting, and I am having what I feel are euphoric days, but really probably just getting back to how I would have been normally prior to my days of having the mirena fitted. I do have the odd bad days still but the good days are starting to overtake the bad ones and its a fantastic feeling. I am also now planning on returning to work in April

Anyone still unsure of whether to have the mirena removed please dont - its the best thing I have done in years and may have saved not only my career but my life.

sawadi Thu 10-Mar-11 03:51:44

Hi, just wanted to add my tuppenceworth....just had my second mirena removed before christmas and it feels like someone has removed the fog from my eyes and brain, I actually feel human again for the first time in too many years. I cannot believe I let it go on for so long, like many others I put a lot of it down to life-events but having finally googled it I now know otherwise - I'm just glad I still have a husband and family after all that nonsense, himself cannot believe the difference in me, and to be frank, neither can I!

snowflower11 Mon 14-Mar-11 21:57:09

Hi there,

I had a mirena fitted four days ago - and had no idea that it could cause anxiety.
Within 24 hours I had a panic attack; I never have these, I am a very 'sane' and 'together' sort...just like so many others, I googled after the attack. I cannot BELIEVE how much evidence there is out there to suggest that this is a highly dubious device for some people.
Since that second day, I have been jittery, nervous, panicky at very random moments and for no apparent reason. I am also utterly exhausted- and it seems, the tiredness brings the defences right down with it...cue yet more panic and nerves.
I'm having it removed on it won't even have been in a week! That's how much I hate it.
Has anybody else experienced these kinds of side effects this quickly?

decaffeinated Wed 16-Mar-11 17:56:38

Looking back, the bad effects of mine were pretty instant. I put it down to needing time to adjust. My moods just got worse and worse as time progressed, though.

I had the mirena removed yesterday, and I have to say, although I don't know whether it's psychological, but I already feel better. And it didn't hurt at all. Time will tell whether it's the solution to my feeling down / angry / irritable / 'foggy' randomly and a lot, but I am pretty confident that things will be easier to manage.

snowflower, I felt like I wanted mine straight out, but gave it a chance - if I could rewind, I'd follow my gut and take it out straight away!

LeQueen Wed 16-Mar-11 18:16:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hannahbb Thu 17-Mar-11 10:31:21

Hi everyone, just to let you know I am having my mirena coil removed today! I saw my GP 2 weeks ago and explained how I have been feeling (in floods of tears might I add :-( ),. He agreed that I should have the coil removed and then make another appointment with him a week later, if I dont feel any better he wants to start me on a mild anti depressant, eek! will keep you posted how i get on and how I feel post removal. My family have been great, my partner is at his wits end with me so really hope I feel better as soon as it is removed.

moominthecorner Fri 18-Mar-11 13:54:59

I've read this thread wth great interest as my consultant has just prescribed anti depressants which I am not yet taking. I have Parkinsons too which is linked with depression but I cant help wondering whether the coil is affecting me, having read your comments. Did your symptoms affect you all the time or was it a monthly cycle? I definately get far worse PMS now.

bacon Sun 20-Mar-11 11:27:52

As a suffer of depression and anxiety the coil hasnt made an ounce of difference to me - I love it! When I get mood problems its deffinatly not down to the coil.

Yes, there must be some instances where it goes have a bad hormonal effect but I read lots of co-incidences here too.

All I want to say is, it may not be the coil, so dont put all faith in that removing it your suddenly going to be 'happy'.

crw1234 Sun 20-Mar-11 11:38:42

Bacon - same here -also suffer from depression/anxiety etc- not the slightist bit of difference - and know loads of people who have it and have had no problems

elby Mon 21-Mar-11 10:41:07

Thank god there are so many people out there feeling the same - horrible for everybody but it's given me hope that I'm not going completely mad. I had the mirena fitted 5 weeks ago and suffered from a really bad bout of flu 2 days later. Almost to the day I started to feel very depressed, tearful everyday, very anxious, unable to cope with everyday things like taking my son to nursery without thinking I was going to burst into tears.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years but had been feeling really well for a long time and coping well after having my 2nd child 5 months ago. Feeling on top of the world, in fact. I put all these awful recent feelings down to having had such bad flu but my mother-in-law suggested it might be the coil. I thought it unlikely and my dr actually laughed when I suggested it and said the hormones only worked locally. She then increased the anti-depressants I am taking (I had been thinking about coming off of them for ages as I was feeling so well, now I'm on double). I had a few days of feeling much better then went to pieces about having to go out to some planned social activities. So bad in fact that I got into a restaurant yesterday and had to walk straight back out to my car and spent the rest of the day in tears. The feelings of being unable to cope are unbearable and are making me feel so sad. I plan on calling my GP later today to get an appointment to have this coil removed. It could all be a coincidence but having read so many similar messages it seems unlikely. I will report back once I've had it removed - hopefully I'll be feeling more human by then.

student89 Tue 22-Mar-11 16:56:46

Hey I don't usually post on these forums but after reading your posts I want to throw in my experience.

I've only had the Mirena for a month now and after 2 weeks had the most frightening anxiety attack- having never had anxiety/depression/palpitations before. I had hot flushes, palpitations, heart rate of about 150 a minute, felt as if I was going to pass out and die (by no means am I exaggerating!) so I called an ambulance and was taken to A&E. My blood pressure was 165/110 and I'm a healthy 21 year old! I was told it was an anxiety attack and I left when I felt able to walk as they made me feel silly for coming in.

GP did a few tests and ECG and nothing other than mild anaemia and basically left it there. I had a few more palpitation attacks over the next week and was pretty stressed, and then yesterday had another awful one where I fainted laying down during it after an hour of the horrible heart racing, distorted vision, feeling like I might die so my boyfriend called an ambulance. This time I got checked and they asked about periods so I mentioned I'd had a coil so am spotting all the time. I then wondered about the coil being a cause. Read a few websites and called my family planning clinic- they were absolutely lovely and even though they were about to close told me to come down. They took me seriously and took it out there and then.

I really hope the Mirena was the cause- it certainly sounds possible!!!!

I'll update how I get on in a few weeks, hopefully I'll get back to normal. I do think Mirena is great- but obviously isn't for everyone! I honestly have never felt worse in my life than the last couple of weeks and these attacks are the most frightening thing I've ever had- and at 21 I seriously doubt my heart is the cause especially as my ECG was normal.

elby Wed 23-Mar-11 20:10:54

Update - removed today - doc said v unlikely mirena cause of problems but didn't try to dissuade me from having it removed. Said it could take 1 - 2 weeks for hormones to settle

smiley72 Thu 24-Mar-11 15:10:30

Hi I too have never posted on a forum before but felt I had to share my experience of the mirena coil! I was advised at my post natal 6 week check to have it inserted as I had just had my second baby and didn't want anymore in the immediate future anyway. I agreed and had it inserted. For the first 12 months I experienced almost continuous spotting. This was quite inconvienient but by the second year it settled down. I also always had a withdrawal bleed every month which I found quite comforting!!

I have had the mirena coil for nearly 12 years and had it removed a few weeks ago due to feeling extremely low, foggy, lacking energy and having the worst PMT - something I never had before having the coil. I visited my GP several years ago to discuss horrific PMT and asked then if the coil could be having an effect. She was adamant that it wasn't and offered to prescribe anti depressants which I was to take 2 weeks a month?! To cover the worst 2 weeks. I have never suffered with depression ever and have always been happy go lucky.

During the last few months my symptoms had worsened to such a degree that I was thinking about dying, how pointless a mother and wife I was, I didn't want to socialise with my friends and was getting paprnoid that noone liked me!! I fell out with my mum (who happens to be one of my best friends) and felt totally helpless. I did some research on severe PMT and then had a light bulb moment and connected it to the coil. I couldn't believe that so many other women had experienced such similar problems.

I went to my GP who said she couldn't remove it as she wasn't trained??!! Told to go the the family planning clinic which I did. Neither my GP or FP doctor tried to discourage me from having it removed and agreed it could be a factor. The GP did suggest anti depressants but I decided to get the coil removed first.

Well the results have been almost instant, I feel back to my normal old self. My husband and kids are no longer living with a moody, grumpy, screaming banshee. They have the old fun person back. I have suffered for nearly 12 years and just wanted to say to anyone else thinking it could be a problem to get it removed. Please do not suffer like I have. I feel quite angry that the first GP totally dismissed it and assured me that it was just hormones changing post having babies and I have put up with all this for so long.

Claredoddy Sat 02-Apr-11 17:11:21

My first post! Having read those before me it is amazing that the mirena is being so strongly recommended. I went to the family planning determined not to have a hormone coil as I had a bad time on the pill but she so strongly recommended it I am sure now there is some sort of commission!! I believed her when she said she had never taken one out due to a woman not liking it and very low risk of side effects. So I went for it.
It was so painful being put in and I had spotting for months afterwards. I went back after 4 months and told the same doctor I was feeling low, no energy, irritable and just rubbish...she said I must be hormone sensitive and it would "settle down" but she gave me a low dose of HRT - a gel to take for 3 months... Having wanted no hormones at all - I was now on mirena and HRT! But the HRT made me feel fantastic...but then as soon as I stopped it, all the bad feelings came back. I still have a full period every month and have had no history whatsoever of depression or anxiety before this. The word that others have said which have now convinced me it is 100% the mirena is "foggy"...that is exactly it, I feel I never quite wake up all day and am also feeling anxious about socialising.
I keep thinking - I've come this far with the mirena coil, perhaps next month it will be ok. It is nearly a year now and having read the posts above, I have now made up my mind to have it taken out ASAP.
I think I will talk to my other half re the snip but may consider the copper coil as friends have had no problem with this other than heavier periods.
I think there are so many women out there feeling depressed and not linking it with mirena...

student89 Fri 29-Apr-11 00:47:36

update: had the mirena out and had no attacks since. the next day woke up feeling like a cloud had lifted! still haven't come on yet though so not back to normal completely- but just to reassure others with the same problem that getting it out completely cured my palpitations smile

Noop Sun 01-May-11 22:55:14

Hi all, I had my mirena fitted on the advice of a midwife who said that it might make my PND BETTER! I have had it 2.5 years now and I still have PND and anxiety. I was wondering about getting it removed to see if it made any difference when I came across this thread. Reading all your stories makes me really want to get rid of it but DH has an objection: He wants to know if there is any chance it is helping the PND and I would get WORSE if I have it removed???? I had pretty bad PMT at times but PND is like being PM all the time... A penny for your thoughts ladies ...

33andon Wed 15-Jun-11 12:07:37

Hi, first time here as well... I was really desperate with the feelings I am having lately... had it fitted in February and the doctor was very positive that my PMT would completely disappear.... Wrong call as it seems like I am on constant PMT and sex drive is completely gone. I was crazy about sex just before having it fitted. Had just decided to break up with my boyfriend next week... so depressed I feel... I have always been crazy about him as well. I have a gorgeous 5 year old boy and I have been a depressed mum since I inserted this horrible device. Thank you everyone to share your experiences. I am making an appointment now and will have it removed no matter what. I will be back to let you know the result.

scattymare11 Tue 21-Jun-11 10:43:45

Hi, After reading this site yesterday I have finally made the decision to have the Mirena Coil removed after 3 years. I have suffered badly with mood swings, crying, helplessness & anxiety & also low self esteem. It will be removed tomorrow. I have had enough of the low moods I have suffered over the years as it has affected my relationships with my partner & my family. I went to the docs again today to explain I have had enough & want some answers. My doc said I should have Anti D's (again) & have CBT & anger management. I am now at a loss & hope that after the removal of this coil I will feel better. Please can anyone tell me if I will feel different? Any advice is helpful, thanks

33andon Thu 23-Jun-11 16:30:27

Hi, I just had mine removed few hours ago as I had a nightmare for the last 2 months as explained above. I am glad I had the chance to read all testimonials on a very early stage (only had it for 4 months!)

I am sorry you have been suffering with this for 3 years!! Yes have it removed and I feel better already... could be phicological, but I do know it was the right thing to do... I forgot to mention how I had suffered with low self-steem as well. It might be good for some women, but it is hell for many of us... I will keep you posted over the next days/weeks.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences as it has saved my relationship and well being.

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