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Mirena coil and depression/anxiety?

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Molesworth Thu 19-Jun-08 12:40:06

Has anyone else using the mirena coil experienced side effects such as 'brain fog', depression and anxiety?

I had mine put in at the beginning of 2004, and since then I have been incapacitated by depression and anxiety. I've always been prone to depression and anxiety, so I put it down to some traumatic life events over the last few years, but I have never been this unwell for this long. I have mentioned the possibility that the Mirena may be a factor to several health professionals, only to be told that it can't possibly have anything to do with my mental health since the progesterone level is much lower than that of the pill. However, I've come across a recent research study that found hormone levels to be double that of the minipill!

Having done some research on the internet I can see that thousands of women are reporting side effects from the Mirena, some of them very serious. In a lot of cases these symptoms have disappeared or lessened greatly after having the thing removed. Some women are taking legal action against the manufacturers and the FDA (in the US).

I've made an appointment to have mine removed next week. It'll be very interesting to see what difference it makes (if any!). If I make a miraculous recovery I'll be relieved, but also furious that this supposedly harmless device has effectively ruined my capacity to cope with life for four years.

I could be barking up the wrong tree, but thought it worth posting to see if anyone else has had similar experiences with Mirena.

XCandyX Sat 08-May-10 22:51:19

Hi all, i had the mirena fitted 4 years ago for heavy periods and to be honest at the time felt very little pain when inserted. After a few months my bleeding did slow down but i seemed to have spotting all the time. Over the 4 years i have developed all these symptoms bad cramps, headaches, unbelievably sore breast, feeling sick, unable to focus, suddenly i developed bad anxiety and would panic for the least wee thing. I mentioned to the doctor that it was just since having the coil in that i developed these symptoms.I was told no chance that it would have this effect and was given pills for anxiety cause he thought i was stressed (DIDN'T TAKE THE PILLS). Then going to the nurse a month ago for a smear test and coil check (which they couldn't find my strings) a blood presure check was done and it was high as well. I mentioned to the nurse do you think it could be my coil as i had trouble with high blood presure when i was on the pill. I was firmly told AGAIN that there was no chance it was the coil. Now atfer reading the side effects online i'm pretty sure it is the coil. Needless to say i have an ultra sound to find my coil and make sure it is still there next week, even though i know it is because my bleeding would be very heavy and clotty if it wasn't. Then the first thing i'm doing after that is getting an appointment for as soon as possible to have it removed. I would rather have heavy periods and the odd headache when i get my monthlys than a whole list of things all through the month. I just want to feel like my old self again.

differentnameforthis Sat 08-May-10 23:17:41

XCandyX, does sound like it could be the coil. Most drs believe it doesn't cause any symptoms, but to me, there are far too many cases for it to be a 'co-incidence'

Hope you feel better soon!

XCandyX Mon 17-May-10 22:12:20

Thanks differentnameforthis i do hope i feel better soon and its so true the doctor won't believe it causes any symptoms. Anyway just a wee update had my scan to find my coil its still their strings most be up inside. Going tomorrow to see about getting it out i honestly can't wait the soon the

Prolesworth Mon 17-May-10 22:17:43

Message withdrawn

kopite4eva Tue 25-May-10 22:30:45

Hi all I had mirena fitted 2 years and like so many of you I had spotting for 1st few months then almost non existant monthly's. but I did start having heart problems palpatations,spasms, my heart even stopped for a few seconds, docs have been trying to establish a cause and put me on beta blockers (even though I have a naturally slow heart rate and low bp), had the coil removed 2 weeks ago and not a single flutter in my chest since :/ although I am still bleeding and getting clots after reading this post I know it's normal.. just hope it dies down soon...

XCandyX Thu 27-May-10 18:08:10

Thanks Prolesworth like you the coil has made my life hell for years and the doctor just won't believe the fact that its the coil causing all the problems. Anyway i have an apponitment for 15th of june to have it removed (CAN'T WAIT).

Madasahatteraswell Fri 06-Aug-10 00:18:21

I've just been reading all about other people's experiences, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry.. which just about sums up the last 18 months confused. At first, I laughed at the irony of experiencing PMT for the first time when my periods had stopped!Then my hair started falling out in handfuls but I was reassured by the family planning nurse that she had never heard of hair loss as a side effect so I assumed it was my imagination. Things went from bad to worse, culminating in my needing to take time off work with severe depression, serious suicidal thoughts (plan and everything) 5 lots of counselling, 2 lots of antidepressants, nearly ruining my career ( I'm a Nurse!!) wrecking my relationship and having me beg the GP to test me for early dementia because I'm so weird and foggy in the head. I feel 90. I'm also covered in painful boils.. Yuk!

I only hope to God that it is the mirena doing all this.. if the surgery don't take it out tomorrow, I will. It's evil.

carocaro Fri 06-Aug-10 00:56:41

Holy Shit.

I am having one fitted tomorrow!

But I am already fat and on anxiety meds, it's for heavy periods which are a week long and on days 1-3 it's hard to leave the house!

Stopping my periods will be the best thing ever.

I know loads of people who have it and have had no problems at all.

Sibble Fri 06-Aug-10 01:08:29

I lasted 6 months, I became very depressed/angry, unbearable to live with. I had it put in for very heavy periods, I bled constantly after it was inserted with clots etc.......... While there are no doubt alot of people who would swear by it, I have said on here before I think it's definitely not for everybody although the medical profession seem to be inserting them left right and centre for almost anything.

I am now probably looking at a hysterectomy - far preferable imo than how I felt on the mirena.

bratnav Fri 06-Aug-10 01:20:01

Had mine removed 2 weeks ago after 3 months of depression, what felt like permanent PMT, suicidal feelings etc etc. I got conned into the mirena after asking for a copper coil as the GP said it would help with the pretty full on PMT I get anyway

Very traumatised by it tbh, thank god dh worked it out and didn't just leave me, even after I called him a c@nt in front of the dcs and screamed at him again and again and told him he was abusive

Its taken just over a week for the residual hormones to go but I feel like a different woman

frazzled3 Wed 11-Aug-10 16:10:18

I know it was a while back but did the removal have an impact?

EdMumof2 Fri 13-Aug-10 23:39:16

Hi All, just been reading all these awful stories and really wished I'd read up on the Mirena 4 months ago when I had mine fitted. My Dr recommended it after I went to see her for my 8 week postnatal check and said to get it fitted at 12 weeks so I booked it. I had heard that it was a bit of a traumatic expecerience getting it put in, but even after a horrific birth (2nd degree tear and no pain relief at all) I found it quite painful and wasnt quite prepared for it. Anyway I went home, expecting to have a few months of uncertainty of when I would bleed etc, but had spotting every week for the next 4 months. I have a 2 year old toddler plus a 3 month old baby (at the time of fitting) who never slept during the day and is breastfed so wakes in the night a lot so most of the time I am knackered, but I look back on the last 4 months and I was soooo depressed, it was like being in a big fog most of the time and I was very irritable especially with the kids. Some days I felt so guilty for being such a rotten mum....anyway I checked the leaflet about the Mirena that the Dr gave me and saw all the common side effects and they seemed to match all mine - my skin went all spotty like a teenagers, I couldnt stop eating crappy foods so was gaining weight, the blleding was really erratic plus cramps so I decided to have it removed last week and maybe its all in my mind but I feel like a different person now! I would advise anyone thinking about having one to wait till they stop breast feeding before getting it fitted as this makes it hurt more going in and coming out! Other than that I saw that you can get it fitted under local anaesthetic if you want, which I wasnt made aware of, but would defo do if I get a normal coil fitted in the future. I dont think I would advise anyone to have a Mirena, all them artificial hormones in your body cant do you any good at all.

bvemu Sat 04-Sep-10 11:04:40

This is my third coil but after the birth of my daughter (2 years) i have also suffered depression. I have always been a very positive and self help person but my health is really suffering from my negativity. We're going for the snip too...rather my children have their happy , energetic mum back. Again i have heard loads of stories about this link with depression and especially linked with having a daughter. I feel totally out of control at the moment..
I am going to see my homeopath after taking it out so i can get my hormones rebalanced. X good luck with it ladies, take control of your hormones...mirena has been great contraceptive and i fell pregnant within 2 weeks of having it out (both times!) but depression is crippling to a family balance, that is never worth risking. i would rather do heavy periods... i will let you know how i got on.

Celery Sat 04-Sep-10 18:53:29

I had the Mirena in for 9 months. I became progressively worse, depression, anxiety, brain fog. I tried to take the thing out myself. Ended up going to the family planning clinic, where they took it out, no questions asked. Well, they asked me why, I told them the truth, they took it out without trying to persuade me otherwise. I felt better almost straight away.

I hate GP's attitude to the Mirena, most of them think it's the most wonderful invention ever, and refuse to believe it has these side effects.

I wonder how many women are suffering, but have no clue that it's down to the Mirena.

queenyy1 Fri 24-Sep-10 16:14:15

I had it removed on Wednesday! I've been anxious and depressed for two years always shouting and screaming at everyone. I thought I had PND after birth of 2nd child - he's 2 and a half and I've been like this the whole time! He is and was always really hard work; so I assumed it was that. Everyone tells me to get some anti-depressants but I wanted to remove coil to see if that would have an effect... after reading all of this I'm hoping I will feel less mental / manic soon!!!

Lillythreadgold Sun 24-Oct-10 10:47:26

had Mirena fitted after having my son in October last year, fitted in the january and by the March was diagnosed with post natal depression, I had 3 really bad bouts of this, after the first I asked my Dr if it could be the coil, but was told no as the hormones are localised. I have never suffered depression and am always a happy person, so the depths of this was catastrophic for me, finally, I relented and went to the Dr for anti depressants, (Dr had suggested these immediately, but give her her due she did not push them) she gave me the prescription, but after lots of research and talking to everyone I could, I just felt that they weren't for me, just not the right thing to do, I looked at all the alternatives, St. Johns Wort, etc. and it was only after reading instructions within those that I had a "lightbulb" moment and did a quick search for Coil and Depression, finding this site - Eureka! It was such a relief and I immediately rang the Dr to get an appointment to remove the coil. My Dr was away, but the one I spoke to (another lady) said that she could guarantee that the removal of the coil would not cure my depression and that I should take the anti depressants. Nevertheless I made an appointment, the nurse I saw agreed with me!! She had seen it a few times in her patients!!! I had the awful thing removed in July, I have left it this long to write my experience to be sure that I am ok and I am. Not a sign of any depression and since July I have had to cope with things which if I was going to be depressed then for sure these things would have sent me down previously, but I am clear of the coil and "post natal depression". So, don't be afraid of Dr's, do what you think is the right thing to do, go with gut instinct and be aware that it could be this coil that is the cause of your depression!

mole1 Sun 24-Oct-10 10:58:32

I had Mirena for about 2.5 years, and suffered with bad PMT and high stress levels. I also put on about 1.5 stone.

I had it removed in March to try to lose weight. I have failed completely to lose weight, but the PMT has been much less, I feel calmer and the brain fog is less!

Replace it with copper coil asap!!

NK13d478afX128a8c9e1dc Sat 08-Jan-11 23:30:28

I had the Mirena coil removed 3 days ago and am feeling better already.

Where do I start, I had it fitted 11 weeks ago and over the last 4 weeks have started to feel anxious, very panicky, unsettled, headaches, nightmares, heat across the left hand side of my back and complete lack of sex drive.

I have a 6 month old daughter and am completely happy and settled so could not imagine what on earth was causing this, which was adding to my anxiety, I just happened to Google the Mirena coil and anxiety / depression and could not believe the stories I read, all stating the same side effects.

I still didnt think it could be related to the coil as I had had the mirena for 10 years previously, until I realised that during these 10 years I suffered with anxiety, depression hence I took anti depressants, you do the maths! If only I had known about the side effects then

I immediately made an appointment with my doctor to have it removed and they were not very keen but I insisted I wanted it out, I was literally shaking with anxiety in the doctors and they said that maybe it was post natal depression but I said I am the happiest I have ever been and that I felt completely not myself, I didnt want to tell them how bad I felt as I was worried they would want to monitor me looking after my daughter.

I cannot tell you how different I feel, back to my bubbly, confident self again and calm and peaceful again, my husband says the difference is clear. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go with your instinct and do NOT rule out the coil giving you these horrible side effects, the doctors insist it is not the coil, but you only have to look on the internet to see different. I am going to write on as many websites as I can, even if it only helps one person, good luck.

tanyalou Wed 12-Jan-11 21:57:32

Hi all, Ive been wondering for a while if it is possible for my coil to be having any effect on my moods and decided to have a look on the net and I found all of you talking about it. Im not sure which one I have but it sounds so likely its the merina. That "foggy feeling" is something ive been trying to describe to my doctor along with tiredness, always feeling below par etc and ended up on anti-depressants then onto counsellors not to mention the problems its caused at home. I really hope this is at least some of the answer. Ill get back to you hopefully with lots of thanks.

voddygirl Tue 25-Jan-11 11:35:08

Hi all
I too believe this site may have just saved not only my career, relationships with family and partner, but most of all my life. I had my first mirena coil fitted 7 years ago to help symptoms of endometriosis - at this time I had not long lost my father and had had other major surgery. I felt low, and anxious but put this down to life events. I got on with life and was generally okay but no highs in life like I used to have. I then had my 2nd coil fitted in May o9 - woooh hang on there!!! I have never ever in my life experienced feelings like it. Extremely anxious, worried, scared of life, constantly crying - at times when all smooth in life becoming exceptionally scared of things going wrong in the future, mood swings, back pain etc etc etc the list goes on. At my 6 week check up I asked the nurse if this could be down to the mirena, she completely ruled this out so thought no more of it. I then started to have suicidal thoughts regularly - how I would do it, when I would do it - anything just to get away from the pain I was feeling every day in life. I knew I had to act so visited my GP who referred my to cognitive coach, then therapist and I now see a clinical psychologist. During this time I have to admit I opened up about being sexually abused as a child and work stresses however at the age of 43 this had never ever affected my life to this extent before - to me the abuse was the past and I had buried it. However through talking it brought on post traumatic stress disorder as everything came flooding back extreme nightmares, panic attacks, feeling worthless, suicidal, physically ill and with zero energy. I have now been off work for 6 months as what I used to see as good stress as I felt so motivated - became unbearable and was at a point that I felt I could snap at any second with staff or colleagues. Every day was terrifying not knowing how I was going to react to situations and crying regularly in the loos and all the time at home. Im at a point where I may be dismissed after 23 years service which would be devastating. I reacted badly to anti depressants headaches nausea dizzy even less energy, however to show willing for work I am persevering to ensure I am doing everything possible to try to get well. I am desperate as life is just not worth living like this. However, when having a sort out in my drawer 3 days ago I came across the Mirena coil leaflet - written on the front was check up date July 09 - I thought about it and backtracked - thats when I started to become ill. I then read side affects - most common depression - bingo - have I found the answer!!! I immediately googled and found a couple of sites but this has been the most useful. Its like breathing a sigh of relief that I may now have found the answer to my problems hearing that so many other women are suffering the same and I am not imagining these dreadful symptoms. I am booked in for tomorrow afternoon to get this thing removed from my body for once and for all so fingers crossed this is the turning point for me. I will keep you posted how I get on so heres hoping its good news. Who knows if I hadnt had the mirena I may never have had to remember the awful events of childhood and would be the bubbly confident person I once was - I hope I return in the near future!!! If anyone has had good results from having it removed, could you let me know how long it takes for bad affects to go. Thanks.

Piplup37 Wed 02-Feb-11 20:48:42

I started to think my Merina coil may have been the cause of my anxiety and depression after reading this and many other threads on this subject. After previously been on anti-depressants for it, with no effect, I had my coil removed last month, after 3 years. I feel like my old self again. Having mine removed was definately not a placebo effect. Even my doctor commented on how well I looked when I went to see him last week.

emmy56 Wed 02-Feb-11 21:37:51

Hello - Piplup - that's very reassuring. I'm having mine out next month. Unfortunately I have to have mine out under general anaesthetic as despite numerous people delving in my nether regions, they can't find it.

I too have felt brain fog, I wouldn't go as far as depression, but I sometimes sit in the house looking at all the mess, completely unable to clear it up. It's sort of bewildering to me.

Am hoping to feel a lot better next month once it's out. And also lose the stone in weight I put on within 3 months of having it fitted.

voddygirl Fri 04-Feb-11 11:48:59

Hello Piplup 37, thanks for this - its good to know that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. I had the coil removed on Tuesday so I am praying the old me returns as quick as you recovered. I have seen 5 medical professionals over the last 2 weeks and all just roll there eyes and shake their heads when I explained the reason I wanted this removed and advised that there was minimum chance that the coil would relate to my depression - why oh why oh why do they not believe what we are telling them?!!!! Im baffled to say the least. So heres hoping anyway and thanks again.

ell1 Fri 04-Feb-11 13:39:03

I have had the option of having the Mirena, but after reading this thread and several others on the Internet I chose not to.

I have a fibroid, this time round I have had a 5 week very heavy and painful period.

I have been referred to a gynae for possibly an operation, I cannot go on like this.
The last few years of my life have been hell.

I forgot to mention I did try hormone tablets but they sent me into uncontrollable rages, so do not want anything to do with hormones tbh.

jadesayo Mon 07-Feb-11 00:33:53

I have never posted on a forum before but I feel I really must as a result of this evil contraceptive called the Mirena Coil.
Thankfully, I only had it in for 8 months & to think that in that time, it turned me from a happy person into a monster, who was starting to think there was nothing in life to live for (bearing in mind, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children!).
As well as depression, which I had never suffered from, i gained over 1 1/2 stone in weight - which no matter what I did could not be shifted due to a monstrous appetite for sweet & sugary food.
I had a constant bloated tummy, which led a parent at my kids school to ask when I was expecting child no. 4!
Complete and utter loss of libido, to the extent that I thought I no longer loved my husband & might therefore have to consider divorce!
The last straw was when I started to suffer from debilitating back pain - such that I couldn't get out of bed without being in agony or get into the car, without my son lifting my legs in.
I only connected all these ailments to the coil after only accidently coming across posts, through researching what was causing the back pain.
In my opinion, there appears to be what could be termed a conspiracy by GPs refusing to believe that in some women the coil produces some distressing & debilitating side effects. I was practically bullied by my GP into having the coil inserted in the 1st place & then he refused to remove it when I asked him to - I had to bypass him by getting the nurse to remove it!
Have only had it removed for 4 weeks now, but already bloatedness has gone, feeling happier, although sex drive still low, not eating as much & my back within days of having the evil thing removed, started to get better!
Ladies, for some the MC works fine, for others like myself, it can become a living nightmare - all I ask is if you are thinking of having it inserted, that you at least be aware of its potential side-effects & are not caught unaware. I didn't read the info leaflet given to me after insertion - in fact I threw it away as I did not expect something recommended by my GP as safe to cause me so much pain & heartache.

Please, we are intelligent women, who know our bodies better than anyone, doctor or no doctor, so lets listen to it, when its not happy!

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