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desperatehousewife Tue 25-Jan-05 14:08:48

Is it likely that if you had mild pnd with first child that you will get it again/more intensely with subsequent children?

Chickyboo Tue 25-Jan-05 14:12:23

Have read that if you've had any form of depression before then you are more susceptable to PND, but being aware of it is really important.

MummytoSteven Fri 28-Jan-05 14:21:05

i think it is more likely (but not necessarily inevitable) that you would get PND with subsequent children. i don't think tho that it would necessarily get worse than it was with a first child. agree with chickyboo that being aware of the possibility is important - so that if you do get a bit depressed, you can spot the signs/seek treatment/extra support earlier, or even just to plan things out in advance as to how to get support/make life a bit easier for yourself once you have more children.

best of luck

gabs1 Sun 30-Jan-05 20:32:53

Hi desperate. Don't want to put a downer on things but I had PND after my first pregnancy and now am 8 weeks into my second and starting to get quite anxious about things. Saw my psychiatrist who looked after me last time and he said that though there is a real possibility of PND it is not definitely going to recur. Also, one of the most important things is not to be scared to ask for help if you are not feeling yourself and also to get enough sleep, even if it means getting someone else to come in at night to help you with the baby so that you can sleep. Good luck

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