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Could it be depression?

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hayleylou Mon 24-Jan-05 08:45:59

I have a 2 year old ds and a dd who is 6 months and the last few weeks I have started to feel really low and most of the time I have tears in my eyes, I am living away from friends and family. I seem to get up tight when my ds does anything wrong and all I want to do is to sit down and cry, my dd is lovely but sometimes I juts want to have a break (is this selffish). Is it worth visiting the doctors or speak to HV first?

colditzmum Mon 24-Jan-05 08:57:50

Depends if your HV is appeoachable really. It does sound like depression to me, I am no expert. If you need antidepressants, you will have to see your dr anyway. It is worth it, and PND can be later onset that people realise sometimes!

In the meantime, you have my deepest empathy, I know what it's like when every confrontation brings tears to your eyes

hayleylou Mon 24-Jan-05 09:11:14

I will go to doctors I think but how would I start to tell a stranger how I feel! I feel disappointed with myself that I caanot control how I feel

juniperdewdrop Mon 24-Jan-05 09:14:19

maybe if you write it down first hayleylou? Then just hand it to the doc.


colditzmum Mon 24-Jan-05 09:31:50

HL you can't be expected to control how you feel!! If you have felt like this for a long time you may need some helo to get back to normal.

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