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the ranting room rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<theres swearing>

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copingvquietly Tue 10-Jun-08 11:09:29

so yesterday i wanted off this planet.hmm today however im so fucking angry with everything.first my fucking internet has been pissing me off all morning.which doesnt help matters.oh and the child decided he was going to be up in the middle of the night for two fucking hoursangry
im tired pissed off angry but not crying so that cant be bad?ive got to go and talk about everything again tomorrow at counsellinghmmhope this temper has gone by then.then endure another round of'yes you are a nutter' on thursday.
padded cell anyone?

copingvquietly Tue 10-Jun-08 11:22:31

right i am clearly on my ill carry onhmm
am pissed off with all this fathers day shite aswell.if i dared send one to my dad hed probably send it back with semtex attached.its not like he hates me or anything.i clearly just dont exist!mind you thats pretty close to how i feel anyway.this person typing this crap isnt the same person she was at the beginning of last year.shes lost somwhere.aaaarrrrgggggggg its all just so fucking unfairangry

copingvquietly Tue 10-Jun-08 11:40:30

rrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh im going for a fag

copingvquietly Tue 10-Jun-08 12:11:30

ok thisisnt good.emotions are dying down and turning into something i dont want them to.just had to put the ironing board away.had visions of putting the iron on my handhmmsadmaybe i should just lock myself upstairs for the day.

Notquitegrownup Tue 10-Jun-08 12:54:24

Oh CVQ - I have just seen this. I'm sorry that no-one else has noticed yet. I'm sure that folks will be along in a moment.

Don't worry if your temper hasn't gone by tomorrow. Someone in counselling is being paid to listen to you and what you are expressing is real-life emotions. They are trained to deal with it. Let 'em have it!

Thinking of you/praying for you today. So are lots of other MNetters.

Notquitegrownup Tue 10-Jun-08 12:59:22

Oh and well done for putting away the iron. That was such a positive thing for you to do, even though it doesn't feel like it to you at the moment. You have come so far and you have done so much to help yourself and your little one. One day, it will feel better. And in the meantime, MN is here to help you through this.

Fathers Day etc is a pain in the bum, isn't it? These days are thought up by card companies to make money out of people. Real life just doesn't fit into boxes like that. You know that. But you also know what is real too, and have your fabulous little boy to look at.

Hang on in there/

copingvquietly Tue 10-Jun-08 13:01:40

im ok.this was for my own benefit.i needed somewhere to get the rahhh out.

Buda Tue 10-Jun-08 13:05:08

Hi - you are being hit my so many different emotions now aren't you?

Do you feel you have let the rahh out? I sometimes feel like that too. And I have less reasons than you believe me.

copingvquietly Tue 10-Jun-08 13:08:35

the rahhhs gone but has been replaced by something i dont fighting.

Notquitegrownup Tue 10-Jun-08 13:16:36

The raaahhh are quite positive really, aren't they. You are allowed to feel angry - you have every right to.

Keep on fighting and let us know if we can help too.

DutchOma Tue 10-Jun-08 16:17:44

Sweetheart, the computers here are hard to work, but I'm praying for you all the time.
I'm pleased to see you are getting help, but so sorry that it feels as if everybody is letting you down.
Much love and massive hugs

fubar Tue 10-Jun-08 18:31:02

I love the idea of a ranting room, and if anyone deserves one you do.
CvQ how you getting on this evening?

copingvquietly Tue 10-Jun-08 18:35:15

im alright thanks.just talking to a good friend over msn smile

copingvquietly Fri 13-Jun-08 11:37:42

rrrrraaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

GentleOtter Fri 13-Jun-08 11:50:33

<Joins CVQ for a fag, a raaaargh, semtex laden card, a hug and everything>

copingvquietly Fri 13-Jun-08 11:53:49

gentleotter i hope youve got mega huffyangry

copingvquietly Fri 13-Jun-08 12:17:46

oh ffs.hes pain.cant unblock.rrrrrrrraaaagghhhhhhhhhhhhh
my meds have been pissed off with the worldangry

bellavita Fri 13-Jun-08 12:25:48

oh cvq - like I said before I am on the outskirts of York am not sure if you are about 40/45 mins away from me?

Have school sports thingy this afternoon, but I am free on Monday?

bellavita Fri 13-Jun-08 12:28:05

Is he not very well or is he crying because he knows you are unhappy?

bellavita Fri 13-Jun-08 12:37:20


jes74 Fri 13-Jun-08 12:42:16

bellavita cvq asked could i reply she a bit busy at mo expressing, j is fine but cvq has a blocked duct so feeding is a bit of a problem hence expressing

jes74 Fri 13-Jun-08 12:42:57

and you know how impatient they are for their milk

bellavita Fri 13-Jun-08 12:43:57

That's ok - was just a bit (well a lot) worried.

jes74 Fri 13-Jun-08 12:46:12

she is ok although in pain which fingers crossed will end soon but no hand for typing

bellavita Fri 13-Jun-08 12:47:10


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