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someone please advise me,!!!!!!

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mumindespair Thu 20-Jan-05 11:01:26

my last period was on 12th december, my period is now late for this month, so just done test that was left in cupboard from when i conceived dd2 now 18 months,
The test was positive i am totally distraught, dp is at work till 9 tonite, there is no way i wanted any more children, have dd1 who is 7 and dd2-18 months, we live in tiny 2 bed house, i work part time, dd2 is at nursery, there is no way we could have 2 babies in nursery, and i love my job in the NHS. and wouldnt want to leave. This is just awful i dont know what to do, what if i decided i didnt want the pregnancy to continue where would i seek help, how pregnant would i be 4 weeks? or less,
someone please give me some advice?

vict17 Thu 20-Jan-05 11:04:33

The best thing would be to go and see your gp who will be able to answer all your questions. Would it be possible to get an appointment for today as you are so worried? Also can you phone your dp at work? Perhaps he could come home and keep you company as you are so upset?

Frizbe Thu 20-Jan-05 11:08:43

Ok deep breaths now, and think on things for a few days before you make any rash decisions....You work for the NHS so will get all your maternity paid for upto a year right? in the meantime dd2 will be old enough to go to state nursery by the time the next one is born and ready to go to nursery herself, so that takes care of the care you can go back to work, but for the house? room share for baby with you to start with, but then I guess you could try and look at moving? expensive I know and not always a practical option, but there are always ways and means acts when necessity drives.....big {{{HUGS}}} and I hope it works out for you whatever you and your dp decide.

mumindespair Thu 20-Jan-05 11:09:05

yes thanks, dp is in fire brigade so makes it a bit difficult for him to leave work, but will make appoitment for Gp, he is off tomorrow so might try and get one for tomorrow so i can go without the children

KathH Thu 20-Jan-05 12:52:14

just wanted to send you my love. please dont make any hasty decisions. after 3 children - the youngest was 5 1/2 at the time - i was absolutely terrified when i found out i was pregnant again last year. i think i cried for about 4 weeks. really didn't want another baby - husband got a really good job but crap shift patterns, was doing really well at work, moving up the career path, kids were all at school, just got sorted financially etc etc. to cut a long story short, i didn't find out i was pregnant until i was 22 wks so in my book i didnt really have any options and now have a 16 wk old baby. it is hard work sometimes but it kind of all works, love baby to bits, work have been great. hope it all works out ok whatever you decide but basically just wanted to agree with last post about not making any rash decisions.

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