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About to start psychotherapy for child abuse - what can I expect

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adelicatequestion Wed 28-May-08 17:02:28

Has anyone had psychotherapy for this reason. I have been diagnosed as having complex PTSD as a result of the above trauma.

It manifests itself in health concerns, panic attacks, fear and anxiety, compulsive overeating (god I wonder how I get out fo bed reading that!)

Has anyone benefitted/not from the above. It will include EMDR, CBT and sensory psychotherapy or a combination of these as well as traditional stuff.

Any experiences you have, I would love to hear about, especailly what worked and what didn't.


dividedself Wed 28-May-08 21:30:34

Too all over the place to answer you well but bumping for you.

Best wishes x

dividedself Wed 28-May-08 21:30:40

Too all over the place to answer you well but bumping for you.

Best wishes x

Hassled Wed 28-May-08 21:32:55

I have no experience of this but wanted to say good for you for going for it and the best of luck .

jingleyjen Wed 28-May-08 21:33:24

I could have posted your question.
Have seen a psychiatrist 3 times so far for issues related to yours. He talk through with me yesterday what the CBT part would entail.
In all my anxiety I can't cope with starting a process I don't understand.
if there is anything I can help with let me know.

paperchain Wed 28-May-08 21:36:12

I have, go with it. It is hard. And someontimes I want to give up, but I am getting better. Good luck and talk more or cat me. HUGS

jingleyjen Wed 28-May-08 21:51:10

can I ask you a quick question.
I have been guided that I will need about 20 sessions of CBT. In your experience do things take that long to start to feel an improvement?

If you don't want to get into it I will understand.

paperchain Thu 29-May-08 12:34:29

It is different for everyone. I have had CBT and it didnt really 'help' me, but I know others for whom it has helped. I have also had CAT, which didn't 'work' either. I've had EMDR, group work, in-patient care, rehab, lots of things (gosh reading that back it sounds awful, sorry!)

I am now in long term pyschotherapy, working with someone who uses various schools of techniques, to try to keep me afloat. I have built up a good relationship with her over a long period of time. I now accept the abuse I had and understand more how it has shaped me as the person I am. But I do not blame my mental health problems on that alone. Life's event have done that. That is what I meant by 'it is different for everyone'.

If I were you, I would go into the CBT with an open mind, and a willingness to learn and move forward and see how you get on.

If you want to talk more, or ask questions, please do and I will try to answer them. Or you can CAT me.

With all best wishes


PS your profile photos are lovely btw!

twinsetandpearls Thu 29-May-08 20:13:35

I have had one session of psychotherapy although I am hoping to have more when I am strong enough. The one session left me very shaken and absolutely exhausted. But it was on reflection very useful but I do think you need to be in quite a secure place to have it.

paperchain Thu 29-May-08 21:19:51

I agree twinset, that is how I feel every time, but it is worht it. not sure I agree about being in a secure place to have it, I sam certainly not, but sometimes you have to go with it IWYKIM

tiredemma Thu 29-May-08 21:22:55

EMDR is fantastic.

paperchain Thu 29-May-08 21:23:39


tiredemma Thu 29-May-08 21:24:34

Yes- fantastic- the actual process of how it works. I find it a very interesting therapy.

paperchain Thu 29-May-08 21:27:28

oh yesah I agree with it as being interesting, but the actual process I wouldnt describe as fantastic, or maybe that was just me!

tiredemma Thu 29-May-08 21:30:39

No, sorry Paperchain- i didnt explain myself properly- what an idiot.
I haven't had to go through the process, my lecturer for my course is a psychotherapist and this is his 'forte'. We have had lots of discussions on this.

Sorry- you must have thought I was a right nobber suggesting it was fantastic to have to do it.

paperchain Thu 29-May-08 21:33:23

lol tiredmama - not a nobber, but I did wonder how anyone could find it fantasatic!!!!

tiredemma Thu 29-May-08 21:33:57


paperchain Thu 29-May-08 21:35:16

pmsl at 'nobber' tho hehehe

mhmummy Thu 29-May-08 21:38:59

Don't know if this is helpful but I have heard of this organisation which might be able to give you some useful info about what could help.
Good luck x

paperchain Thu 29-May-08 21:42:26

yes they are good

twinsetandpearls Thu 29-May-08 21:44:46

I did think after I had posted that I hope I have not put you off, that was not my intention. I was in a bad place mentally as well as going through a divorce and having lost my home and risking loosing my child. I think now I could cope but as we are about to move there would be no point.

paperchain Thu 29-May-08 21:48:10


adelicatequestion Thu 29-May-08 23:02:52

Thank you all for your experiences. Sorry for the delay in getting back - hectic day at work. I'm not sure what to expect.

On the surface I am ok day to day but my eating disorder is getting out of control. I am nearing 20 st and my knees are packing up. Even if I don't deal with the abuse, if I can control my eating that will be a HUGE step forward.

The people the psychiatrist has referred me to apparently are experts in delaing with abuse trauma, and use a variety of techniques to help.

I have to admit after reading your experiences I am a bit scared. At teh moment I am (on the surface) in control day to day. I'm scared that by doing the therapy I will lose control and not be able to function on a daily basis.

The psychiatrist said in his experience this doesn'l happen and the therapist will know when to apply the brakes!

I hope so. With 3 children I can;t afford to not be functioning.

adelicatequestion Thu 29-May-08 23:30:09


Thanks for the link. I had never heard of them.

LadyBabo Fri 30-May-08 22:02:28

Hi there adelicatequestion

We are quite similar!
Can I suggest Dr Phil's book 'Ultimate Weightless Solution' for understanding your overeating impulses. Ignore the cheesy photo of him on the cover! Okay you can stop laughing now.
And tesco diets! Choices! Gorgeous food! Shopping list done for you! Recipes or convienence option or mix of both. Wish I'd done it so long ago, turned out I'd wasted 2 years of my time 'dieting' but eating 400 cals too much every day... oops didn't realise my calorie needs where lower cos I'm only a shortarse. D'oh!
Cant advise re counselling as every time I've reached the 'disclosure' stage, I run away and never go back! However I am a complementary therapist now and this has helped me change my life. Consider booking yourself in for acupuncture, or reiki, or some form of massage therapy if at all possible. Check out your local college, they may need guinea pigs for students - so free / nominal charge. These kinds of therapies alongside psychotherapies etc can be tremendously beneficial. Can't recommend reiki enough, but of course I would, I do it for a living. If you were near me hun I'd treat you for nowt!

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