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lunavix Mon 17-Jan-05 21:28:22

Just got prescribed it by GP and read the little story that comes with it:

Common side-effects include suicide attempts !!!!!


lunavix Mon 17-Jan-05 21:34:10

Is it just me thinking that's a little bizarre?

Must be

Dior Mon 17-Jan-05 21:35:45

Message withdrawn

lunavix Mon 17-Jan-05 21:36:28

SO pharmaceutical science is really advanced then...

SPARKLER1 Mon 17-Jan-05 21:36:42

Hi Lunavix. I've started this medication recently. I read that on the leaflet too - a bit scary eh? To be honest they've covered themselves with all the side effects possible haven't they? I've been getting a lot of headaches since I started and was checking the leaflet. Quite a lot of the side effects given are the reasons why I've been given the medication in the first place!!!!!

jangly Mon 17-Jan-05 21:36:46

You see, it's cheering you up already lunavix!

Dior Mon 17-Jan-05 21:38:43

Message withdrawn

lunavix Mon 17-Jan-05 21:39:24

I know what you mean.

Migraines, insomnia, depression... was what I went to the doctor about.

These AD's can raise me with severe depression and suicide attempts!

SPARKLER1 Mon 17-Jan-05 22:04:13

Hi Lunavix - posted on my thread too. We shall have to keep in touch and compare notes. Hope you get on okay. x

essbee Mon 17-Jan-05 22:28:14

Message withdrawn

myBOYSareBONKERS Mon 06-Jun-11 16:25:50


I realise this is a very old thread but I have just been started on citalopram and I was wondering how you have got over the years. Did it work for you as at the moment it seems to have made my anxiety alot worse.

moflee57 Mon 06-Jun-11 16:43:03

I think thats par for the course - anxiety getting worse to begin with - mine was too for a good 3 weeks. Now 10 weeks in I really feel so much brighter. stick with it and take it easy until you feel the anxiety subside. If it doesn't in a few days then push for a change of ad. Good luck. Its so hard at the beginning which is really unfortunate given the fact that you are pretty damn low to start with. hope you've got some family support till things get better. x

myBOYSareBONKERS Mon 06-Jun-11 16:57:45

Thanks. My anxiety is work related and I have had a week off but due back tomorrow - which could also be why I am feeling so bad. I am due to double the dose tomorrow to 20mg. I take mine at night as I feel really tired with it.

moflee57 Mon 06-Jun-11 19:27:18

I found I was suddenly more anxious about everything, particularly social interaction but the worst of that is over. You may experience a slight rise in anxiety with the rise in dosage but it will settle and shouldn't be as bad now the citalopram is in your system already. Does work know the situation?

myBOYSareBONKERS Mon 06-Jun-11 19:44:33

Unfortunately I had a really bad run in with my boss back at Christmas and its since then that I have been suffering.

In complete fairness to her though she has been really very supportive recently and we are getting our professional relationship back on track - which is why I am so keen to get well again.

My colleagues have been complete rocks for me too and I wouldn't be able to cope if I didn't have them to lean on.

I have noticed that I feel more panicky in situations that never bothered me previously - so I am hoping that that is just a side effect and will stop soon.

moflee57 Mon 06-Jun-11 20:09:59

Definitely positive that you feel there are people you can lean on and be relatively open with about how you are feeling at work. I'm pretty sure the anxiety you are feeling is side effects from the ads. I was suicidal pre drugs but then in the first 2 weeks of taking citalopram felt really divorced from reality and foggy headed then anxious beyond belief - ended up shaking and hiding under the kitchen table at one point...even the thought of leaving the house scared the crap out of me. This had never been my experience pre ads just very very black thoughts. Anxiety seemed to peak and then subside and hasn't returned except general anxiety about stuff you would expect to be anxious about. Hope that makes sense. Loads of luck for work tomorrow. Deep breaths - lots of coffee breaks (decaff if that makes you feel worse!) and lean on those rocks. XXX

moflee57 Mon 06-Jun-11 20:12:27

p.s. would you consider taking more time of work until you are stable on the ads or is that not an option?

moflee57 Mon 06-Jun-11 20:12:57

sorry 'off' work ...zut....

myBOYSareBONKERS Mon 06-Jun-11 22:05:09

I have anxiety attacks as I am anxious about having them at work which then causes me to have them!! Ridiculous really!! and a vicious circle

Unfortunately my anxiety then triggers a cardiac problem which causes me to faint - and its the fear of collapsing that causes my anxiety. A complete circle of cause and effect.

Therefore if I stay away from work I will still be in the same state of anxiety when I return - no matter how long I have off. But if I keep going in and "facing my fear" - each time I have a good shift it helps me feel better for the next one.

I had been really coping up until a month ago when I took a huge step backwards - and I don't know why that happened.

I have put a lot of identifying info on here, so if anyone knows me please, I beg don't "out" me.

moflee57 Tue 07-Jun-11 07:24:18

you poor thing. yes. break the viscous circle. HAVE A BRILLIANT RELAXED SUPPORTIVE DAY at work. Believe it can happen. Thinking of you today. x

AshleeB Tue 07-Jun-11 16:11:43

That's a 1/100 chance though.. just like everything else smile

Dont worry I am on them


myBOYSareBONKERS Tue 07-Jun-11 18:44:43

Was a complete mess going in today. But I spoke with my line manager (boss not in) and she was really supportive, as were all my colleagues.

I had a good day and as the day went on I felt better and better.

Next shift is Friday xx

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