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DS just had accident - advice needed

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Ponka Sun 16-Jan-05 08:38:13

DH has just left DS in his highchair not strapped in and he fell completely out onto the floor! I am sooo upset and angry he did that ! He is only nearly 8 months old.

He seems fine. Perhaps crying a little bit more than normally would.

Do you think I should go and get him checked out at the doctors. He seems happy but I just can't get out of my head that it's such a long way to fall.

Any advice. Please help. I'm a nervous wreck and contemplating starting smoking.

Casmie Sun 16-Jan-05 08:44:04

I tend to be a bit paranoid mummyish so I'd just pop down the A&E just to be on the safe side (on a Sunday morning at this time I'd have thought they'd be quite quiet?) but if he seems find and cried immediately then he's almost certainly fine. If he starts vomiting or getting unusually sleepy then you should take him down to A&E immediately.

Ponka Sun 16-Jan-05 08:46:12

Thank you very much Casmie, I think that's what I needed to hear. He's laughing and smiling right now and DH doesn't want to take him but I think I have to for my peace of mind.

Casmie Sun 16-Jan-05 09:22:58

Let us know how you get on. hugs - it's horrible when they get hurt, isn't it?

fostermum Sun 16-Jan-05 10:14:03

check hes not drowsy,no big lumps on head any sign of sleepyness,or vomiting then up to a&e what did he land on carpet or lino?dont start smoking if u have given up, well done

Whizzz Sun 16-Jan-05 10:16:05

YOu could always ring NHS direct for advice or check thier website)
Hope hes OK

Ponka Sun 16-Jan-05 16:12:56

Thanks everyone for your help and advice. We took him to an NHS drop in centre and he was checked over. He's fine. He was talking away and trying to steal the nurse's equipment from her while he was being examined. He was obviously O.K. so we felt like we wasted the nurse's time a bit but we just wanted to know and the nurse was really nice about it all.

DH is feeling awful. I don't think he'll ever do that again. He only left him for 30 seconds but you just can't do that.

Casmie. I think I saw you on another thread for May babies so you must have a little one DS's age, right? How's it going? Is it your first baby? Is that thread for a group of people who have known each other a while or are new people welcome? I don't get to go on the computer very often and am a bit of a shy mumsnetter who does a lot more reading than posting!

Cheers everone.

Casmie Mon 17-Jan-05 08:43:08

Sorry Ponka, missed your update. Glad he was fine - in my experience, they are always glad to see babies and never make you feel you've wasted their time for a bump to the head. If it makes your DH feel any better, we've all done it at some point - and even when you think you've covered all bases they find something else to damage themselves on (like cutting their fingers on the back of an air vent because you didn't realise their fingers were small enough to get in the grill or pull an electric fire (switched off) out on their head because you didn't realise it was fixed to the wall. Not that we did that with ds1 at all, oh no... ).

I have two may babies, only one claims he's not a baby any more . Ds1 is coming up to 4 years old, and ds2 is the littlie (he's having a really terrible time with his teeth at the moment, but you'd never guess because he's in a really good mood and chatty this morning. It's just his parents who are frazzled...)

Casmie Mon 17-Jan-05 08:43:36

that should read wasn't fixed to the wall of course!

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