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When you work and your friends don't

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bitsadtoday Wed 12-Jan-05 12:19:35

I am working as a childminder and I find I'm still keeping up with all of the friends I made through my oldest child.I've only recently been childminding, I was working outside the home before(but only on a very p/t basis).I don't "keep up" with all the local childminders as to be honest they are always moaning about minding even though most of them are making a packet.I just mind p/t as I don't want my own kids to feel left out too much.
Anyway I just find it really difficult with my friends not working at all and not seeing my work as a real job.Also they are always going on about maybe working when our youngest are all in school-years away yet.But it isn't a serious conversation it's more like what'll I do between coffee mornings and gym visits?I suppose I'm envious they have dh's who earn mega bucks and they'll never need to work and I have to work and we are still the most hard-up people around!I like my friends I just wish I had someone in my situation instead of being able to live in nevernever land.
Sorry this is a big moan,I just wish I had a friend like me, I always feel the odd one out and I always have here

nightowl Wed 12-Jan-05 12:49:57

i have this problem in a different way. i used to work full time but since being made redundant im finding it so hard to get back into work. i was on mat leave when it happened and having my new addition and not driving makes it very difficult for me to find work right now. ive got one child at a school quite far away from my house and a one year old. my friends who dont work have never worked and live quite far away so i dont fit in with them too much..they also now have partners which i other friends all work..i dont feel like i fit in with any of them now.

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