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fancied a moan....

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lavenderr Fri 07-Jan-05 09:33:26

don't want to be posting on here but really need to get this off my chest. The fact is am really bored with my new job, it's 20 hours a week, fits in with the children, however it is so badly paid (he's paying me what he paid another member of staff 5 years ago). I don't like to complain to anyone I know around here about it as they say my boss is so nice and it's handy. I know I should feel lucky for having a job but feel so nailed down, it's every day I work and the only real days off I get are the hols with the children, when I do take another day off it's unpaid and it leaves me short of cash. Shouldn't be moaning I know as have done a lot of it lately but I really do think if you like your job and are valued you feel happy.(because my boss isn't high on the well done stakes it makes me feel like an not doing a good job, he's quick to pick out mistakes but rarely praises my achievements). There that is it, I feel a lot better for just writing this down, now have to find out what am going to do about it.

bonniej Fri 07-Jan-05 09:36:53

maybe not the best advice from me but personally I never stay in a job where I'm not happy. Life is too short IMO and you spend so much time at work, why be miserable? Saying that, I would never leave without another one to go to. You say it's very low paid so surely wouldn't be that hard to replace . There are lots of companies that offer flexible working hours now. Do you have an ASDA near you? They are always on the look out for staff and are very flexible. (sorry don't know what sort of work you do)

lavenderr Fri 07-Jan-05 09:46:01

thanks bonniej, work in a Post Office

lavenderr Fri 07-Jan-05 09:48:41

he's going away in February, if I changed jobs now he would have noone to do it and he booked it ages ago.

lunavix Fri 07-Jan-05 10:07:31

Get another job! Another place I'd recommend from experience is Next, they hire a ton of mum's, give you the hours you want, and are reasonably nice about when you need time off.

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