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Anyone else feeling miserable tonight?

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rickman Fri 31-Dec-04 21:29:08

Message withdrawn

Frizbe Fri 31-Dec-04 21:31:13

oh hugs honey, why don't you join the new years sulk thread, with the rest of us grumbling!

SPARKLER1 Fri 31-Dec-04 21:38:34

we are grumbling but having fun too!! come on over.

MarsLady Fri 31-Dec-04 21:39:48

then when your misery is lifted and you're chuckling then you'll be right. It is a sign of happier times to come.

coppertop Fri 31-Dec-04 21:40:26

Is it anything you want to talk about, Rickman? xxx

tillykins Fri 31-Dec-04 21:41:49

me too, don't know why, I have nothing to be miserable about

rickman Fri 31-Dec-04 21:43:41

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Fri 31-Dec-04 21:44:29

how old are the wee ones Rickman?

rickman Fri 31-Dec-04 21:45:25

Message withdrawn

rickman Fri 31-Dec-04 21:46:30

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Fri 31-Dec-04 21:47:50

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Rickman

coppertop Fri 31-Dec-04 21:53:24

I didn't realise it was you, Harman. Sorry.

How's everything else going at the moment? Last I remember is when you'd just had your baby.

zebra Fri 31-Dec-04 21:53:41

HI Rickman!!
Maybe look at it as the last big mope in a hell of a year, get it all out of your system tonight for a fresh start tomorrow.

rickman Fri 31-Dec-04 22:02:02

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 31-Dec-04 22:18:48

rickman, sorry you are feeling so down, but it's good to see you back on Mumsnet .

It must be really tough with 4 young ones and no partner around.

Have you got family/friends close by?

brusselbeansprouts Fri 31-Dec-04 22:20:28

Hi Rickman - good to hear from you but sorry you are feeling down.

rickman Fri 31-Dec-04 22:38:25

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 31-Dec-04 22:42:20

Just seen it .

I wasn't around much as I'd had my wisdom tooth out (smart move just before Christmas!).

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