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life can be such a pain in the arse

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tiredandhungry Thu 30-Dec-04 22:28:40

when dealing with a kid on your own !! Errant father is useless !

Frizbe Thu 30-Dec-04 22:30:16

oh hugs hun, hope things get better next year.

tiredandhungry Thu 30-Dec-04 22:31:25

hope so too !! just want to enjoy my time with shortie !

beansontoast Thu 30-Dec-04 22:37:06

soon be able to put this year behind you

tiredandhungry Thu 30-Dec-04 22:38:32

looking forward to that !!!

beansontoast Thu 30-Dec-04 22:39:03

got any plans?

tiredandhungry Thu 30-Dec-04 22:39:06

is it just me... or does everyone want to put their head in the oven now and again ?!

tiredandhungry Thu 30-Dec-04 22:39:45

I plan to spemd quakity time with my dear friends and get real support !! xx

tiredandhungry Thu 30-Dec-04 22:40:33

just need a bit of planning I reckon....

Christmassbee Thu 30-Dec-04 22:41:11

Message withdrawn

Christmassbee Thu 30-Dec-04 22:42:13

Message withdrawn

tiredandhungry Thu 30-Dec-04 22:42:56

Thanks for that... have been down that road... just having a seasonal blip I reckon !!

Christmassbee Thu 30-Dec-04 22:43:30

Message withdrawn

fairyfly Thu 30-Dec-04 22:44:30

I think every single person in this world has moments of wanting to stick their heads in the oven. We are more of the sum of our parts and its what makes us human.

beansontoast Thu 30-Dec-04 22:46:16

umm,just want to say that i know tiredandhungry in real life and didnt just bail on her 'head in oven' comment...even though it did render me speechless.

seriously though TandH i think you will find this site a real source of support,there are so many people experiencing the same sorts of things with inspiration to share!!

beansontoast Thu 30-Dec-04 23:01:04

nighty night TnH,
i gather you are off on all the other threads,welcome to your newest addiction{grin}.see you around X

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