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Constantly worrying - help think I'm going mad!

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merrykittymas Fri 24-Dec-04 11:44:48

I'll try to keep this as short as possible but I am so worried and stressed out about everything right now. Number 1 is we are trying to relocate back to Scotland, we have a 2 bed flat in London which is not selling one of the main reasons I think is that out of the 7 flats in our block we are the only owner occupiers left, the rest are rented to erm (how can I say this immigrants) they do not care what they live in and the surrounding area is filthy, dirty nappies, McDonalds, sofas, mattresses you get the picture? One of them buys old cars and has about 5 scrap cars hanging around. I'm always on at the management compnay to do something but they seem unable to do anything.

The other thing worrying me is money, like a lot of people we are mortgaged up to our eyeballs and have a lot of debt (most left over from student days) hopefully the same of the flat will release some equity to pay it all of as we are downsizing to a larger house for less money.

DP is also stressing about finding a job in Scotland his boss could grant him a transfer but is being a right a**hole about it. I just wish we could move and the whole thing sorted but the hassle and cost of moving is reallyg etting to me.

On top of this I just worry constantly I worry every time I take DD out. I worry about something happening to me or her. I worry about DP driving in London. I also just feel like I am trapped in this cramped little box of a flat day after day, I have no friends or family in the area, I have made friends with some girls at mother and baby group but thats only once a week for a few hours. I can't talk to DP about this as he is mega stressed himself. I found myself telling DD (5 months) to shut up this morning when she was crying because I was so stressed. I've also got that twitching eye thing going on and have lost another couple of pounds through not eating properly although I am trying my hardest to as I'm still feeding her.

Thanks for listening not what most people want to hear on Christmas Eve?

FeastofStevenmom Fri 24-Dec-04 11:53:39

sorry you are having a rough time atm, merrykittymas. i think a hell of a lot of people aren't having the gleaming spangly wonderful happy xmas that the media and adverts promote - so feel free to post, xmas eve or not.

It's tough with money - no wonder you are so stressed atm, as if you don't feel comfortable in your home, it really does mar things for you. We had that a bit in our old house, as the local youths liked to throw stones at our windows .is there any chance that your DH could find a job outside his company in Scotland if his boss is being useless. could your DH get advice from a union if he is being messed around by his boss.

one thing - don't worry about what you eat affecting your milk - it won't - a bit like PG that the baby gets first dibs on the nutrients - just that you will feel worse if you don't eat.

In terms of getting out and about - are you anywhere remotely near a SureStart area - as they tend to have loads of free classes/groups etc, some even with free creche. Don't worry about living outside their catchment area - they don't usually care about that, except for things like cheap equipment/using their nursery, and even if they do get a bit narky about you being out of area, your HV can refer you (they take 10% "out of area" anyway)

In general, is your HV any good? If she is you could talk through your anxieties with her, and see if she can suggest more stuff for you to do locally, and you might want to talk with her about whether you might be a touch depressed. i guess otherwise you need to try and relax as much as possible - stuff the ironing etc and do some stuff that you enjoy - get the telly/DVD on/read a book - so you can chill out, just have a long hot bath if you get the time.

take care and sorry for rambling on

xmashampermunker Fri 24-Dec-04 11:57:59

Sorry you're having a rough time MK - I'd echo what FOSM says and add that you're far more likely to sell in the New Year - hardly anybody looks for property just before Xmas, but in the NY people think about moving.

I'd get onto the management company after Christmas and also the environmental health at your local council. Just think, this time next year you won't be in the flat, and very probably long before.

JudgeFlounce Mon 27-Dec-04 12:13:25

Message deleted

Donbean Mon 27-Dec-04 12:18:28

Hey sweetie, just think to yourself that this time next year you will be in your new house and this will all be in the past. Even if it seems a dream a million miles away just keep thinking it, it may help.
Good luck and keep posting xxxxx

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