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When your feeling low, what is your favourite................

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Dizzylizzy Sun 19-Dec-04 18:05:30

*Comfort Food*

I'm having a particularly bad few days at the minute, what with everyone in our house been ill, me not getting much sleep and generally feeling unappreciated and the general dogsbody.

So, tonight, dh is at work so I have made my favourite comfort food, which boring though it may seem cheers me up no end and that is

A good old sausage casserole with lots of potatoes and mushrooms in and a massive helping of steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

Then when then that has gone down I will be have a chocolate delight covered in chocolate sprinkles, whilst laid in bed watching 'Love Actually'.

spacedonkey Sun 19-Dec-04 18:31:59

dizzylizzy, there was a thread about this a couple of days ago funnily enough!

spacedonkey Sun 19-Dec-04 18:32:47

here it is

lockets Sun 19-Dec-04 18:33:17

Message withdrawn

fostermum Sun 19-Dec-04 18:38:56

curry and rice, comfort or not

vict17 Sun 19-Dec-04 18:41:34

chinese takeaway or wine and chocolate

WhizzzYouAMerryXmas Sun 19-Dec-04 18:47:42

Chicken soup - but its got to be Heinz with thick bread !

jingleballs Sun 19-Dec-04 19:03:04

def choc, covered in choc served on a bed of choc! all types exept truffles!

joashiningstar Sun 19-Dec-04 23:16:47

Honey and lemon chicken and spicy pasta!!!

wheresmyturkey Sun 19-Dec-04 23:21:11

Spag bol is my absolute fave comfort food although sausage and mash is another fave (had it at our wedding)

jellybabe83 Mon 20-Dec-04 08:41:56

Chip shop Pie and Chips, with lots of gravy....!
Baked potato with lots of cheese and beans
Super noodles

fostermum Mon 20-Dec-04 09:45:55

did any one see 50 things you would like to eat before you die?on tv last week, what kind of people did they ask for god sake,roast beef at number 45, squid got higher then that uck and as for guinie pig that was gross

DingWongMerrilyOnHigh Mon 20-Dec-04 09:48:42

glad you had a nice evening Dizzylizzy but don't mention Love Actually on here!

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Tue 21-Dec-04 04:16:14

sarah lee double chocolate gateaux...a whole one. nothing else compares. with a bottle of wine and the dirty dancing video!

berolina Tue 21-Dec-04 12:52:47

Am currently sitting here with a large bar of Cadbury's (the kind with biscuit in, yum!) after a reeeaaallly frustrating morning with some annoying students. Am slowly gaining strength for the afternoon Another thing I love is (really REALLY thick) custard - that usually helps.
Other times I'll need savoury: baked beans are a particular favourite, I also love soft white bread with peanut butter (none of that for me right now though - I'm pg and asthmatic) or mushed-up Weetabix.

bundleofyulelogs Tue 21-Dec-04 12:54:09

today i am mostly eating: pret a manger granola, greek yoghurt & red berry gunge. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. they also gave me a free healthy satsuma...

OhComeLetUsADiorHim Tue 21-Dec-04 19:44:53

TwasTheNightetc...You sound like my type of person. Admire the concept of the whole gateau! Something I have only done in fantasies (well, the ones that don't involve Sean Bean...actually, Sean Bean and Sara Lee gateau...there's a concept )

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