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Hypnotherapy - has anyone tried this for anxiety? Does it work?

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LJay Thu 25-Nov-04 20:48:21

I am currently battling some personal demons. I seem to be constantly worried about things. Everything from small worries to ones that I really have no control over (i.e. disaster scenarios). They are far worse at night - my brain just doesn't switch off. I imagine the most dreadful scenarios. It is like playing a horror film over and over in my head. I had PND after my first son was born, and took Prozac, which helped a lot. But this is different. Not depression, but anxiety really. Have tried Beta Blockers - but no real effect. Thinking of going back on ADs, but not really keen on the idea. This constant worry is also giving me Eczema - on my face, arms, hands, elbows and legs. The only other thing I can think of is hypnotherapy, but it is a bit scary in itself so I need to know if anyone has tried it? And, if so, does it work?

KatieMac Thu 25-Nov-04 20:53:56

I tried it for the dentist - it really worked but it felt quite stupid

LJay Thu 25-Nov-04 21:01:29

Why did you feel stupid? What on earth do they get you to do?

sanssouci Thu 25-Nov-04 21:07:06

Hi LJay. I so sympathise with you... I've been going through the same thing as you, I think. Anxiety, sleepless nights, mood swings and finally panic attacks. I had my first panic attack in June, the day after my dd's 4th birthday. It was terrifying. In the end, my doc gave me Xanax, which has worked beautifully. I can't take it forever, though, so I'm considering yoga and meditation. Hypnotherapy would scare me, I think, unless I really trusted the hypnotist.

KatieMac Thu 25-Nov-04 21:10:01

You feel that you could get up and leave at any time so it's not threatening or scary but I had to 'throw' my fear away and I just felt a bit daft

LJay Thu 25-Nov-04 21:18:42

Ok - I think I could cope with feeling a bit daft. What I am scared of is someone else having control over my mind, if you see what I mean. Does it feel like that is happening, when you have hypnotherapy I mean?

Sanssouci - how long have you been on Xanax? Sounds familiar, what you have been through. Horrible, isn't it? I haven't had an actual panic attack yet (another thing to worry about!!) Do you think they would prescribe it?

sanssouci Thu 25-Nov-04 21:29:18

I've been on Xanax since August. Not THAT long, but long enough. Still, it was PND for me after dd's birth in 2000 and "down the hatch" went the Prozac. Now panic attacks after ds' birth (in 2003). I say, If the drugs get you through it, why not? but do try the hypnotherapy first!

prettycandles Thu 25-Nov-04 21:43:03

I've had hypnotherapy for 'anxiety', though it was before I ever had PND. It was wonderful (cleared up the eczema too! )

I've been hypnotised several times and you don't actually go to sleep. You can remain perfectly aware of what's going on around you, and if you're not happy with anything you can wake up. That happened to me, the therapist didn't ask me to do anything 'bad', but I didn't want to go where she was suggesting I go (in my mind, IYSWIM, not physically), and I just said 'No' and opened my eyes. She said 'That's fine, we'll do something else instead' and the session continued. I think hypnotherapy is wonderful. At the very least you get a deeply relaxing half hour or so, and feel more refreshed than after a nigth's sleep (which issomething I never got in any case with PND).

mumwithnoname Thu 25-Nov-04 22:11:24

not had hypnotherapy but did do some very deep relaxation sessions with a hypnotheapist on a works de-stress day, felt really good at the time but it seemed to trigger a bout of anixety & depression which i still haven't come out of fully after a year. So just take care(the chap doing the sassions I classified as a total idiot at the time though!!!)

Ags Thu 25-Nov-04 23:15:53

Hi, this might be helpful. I actually trained as a hypnotherapist and counsellor and had my own practice until baby came along. Hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful for the symptoms you describe. Anxiety and relaxation cannot co-exist so any relaxation technique can help you overcome anxiety and hypnotherapy is a great one! Make sure your therapist has insurance and is a member of a professional organisation like British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. This will give you some confidence that they know what they are up to. Don't be afraid to ask about their training and experience. Any good therapist will be delighted to tell you and understanding of your concerns. Good luck. I think you will benefit.

orangina Fri 26-Nov-04 09:18:59

Hi LJay, I have tried hypnotherapy after I was feeling very low and anxious, for no real tangible reason, and went to someone highly recommended by a friend, who had benefitted tremendously himself in the past. I enjoyed the sense of relaxation that it induced, but I have to say, I didn't actually find it particularly helpful interms of helping me with my anxiety. I think you have to be VERY careful who you go and see, and if you do go down that road, be sure to get a personal recommendation, as I have also heard of people who have felt almost violated by it (not literally) as the therapist tried to go too deep too soon (IYSWIM). However, what I have found to be very helpful in dealing with anxiety, and stress in general (and being able to deal with stresses that come along rather than falling at the first hurdle, so to speak), has been acupuncture and chinese medicine. I 1st went about 18 months ago as I was going through a massively stressful time at work, and it was screwing up my whole life and physical being. He advised me that it would be up to me to deal with the source of the stress(es), but that he hoped to be able to equip me to deal with them better through herbs and acupuncture. And he did, it was marvellous. I now go back from time to time when I feel I need a top up, and if you are worried about making yourself too vulnerable (through hypnotherapy for instance), I would recommend you try acupuncture, which feels much "safer". Hope this helps?

catgirl Fri 26-Nov-04 13:08:35

Hi LJay - haven't tried it for aniexy, but I did it to stop smoking (20 a day for 10 years), and it worked. Haven't had a cig (or felt like having one) since 1997! I didn't have personal recommendation, choose a lady (didn't want a man) from yellow pages who had all the right accredications etc.

My dh had acupunture for stress recently (not related to my not smoking!) which he found helpful - would that be something to try too? By the way, I didn't feel 'out of control', being hypnotised and she stressed that it was not like Paul McKenna and you could not be made to do things that you didn't want to or were uncomfortable with.

Wishing you well.

LJay Fri 26-Nov-04 17:32:43

Thanks to everyone who has replied. I think I may try the hypnotherapy route - once I am happy with the person that is. Interesting stuff about acupuncture too. I've got to do something about all this stuff, that is for definite, so these are all worth a try.

charliecat Sat 27-Nov-04 09:22:40

Ive got an appointment today to go and see a lady hypnotherapist to stop smoking... I will let you know what it was like Ljay

arfur Mon 29-Nov-04 09:56:50

Hiya, recently had hypnotherapy for a phobia and highly recommend it for that. I too was very concerned about being "under their power" but it really wasnt like that at all, in fact I was convinced it hadnt worked as I just lay there listening thinking yeah yeah, but despite still expecting to panic, i just dont - its a great feeling but agree that you do need to be careful who you choose. Perhaps your GP could recommend someone?

LJay Mon 29-Nov-04 13:48:33

How did you get on, charliecat, by the way?

Thanks again for your help everyone. I will investigate this week!

charliecat Mon 29-Nov-04 15:59:22

Well I havent had a fag since!!!!!
It was a nice relaxing hour with her talking and me with my eyes shut but sadly id heard her whole thing before on tape...But after spending 90 quid there was no way I was going to smoke that day..a few hours later I was crying through the urge to have a fag...frustration I guess, but I got over it and have been fine since.
Havent drooled over any ciggys yet.
She said there was a crossraods and I had a choice the nasty fag road or the clean oxygenated road and that when I thought of cigarettes I would take the right road...the clean one...not the left.
I should imagine if you could get someone to hypnotise you to do the same thing...bad thought...good road, it would be helpful.
Have you tried nice scented candles, warm bath book etc yourself?
I myself hav been tormented with thoughts of these blooming fags killing me for the last 3 years and thats selfinflicted, you must feel dreadful. Much Hugs.
Its sad when your own mind seems to be working against you instead of for you isnt it?

laurao12 Fri 25-Sep-15 12:27:12

I know this is an old thread but I recently been having a lot of problems with anxiety, particularly when my DD started school. I am amazed at how much it helped me. I feel so much better and beginning to enjoy my life and its freed me from worry, pain and anxiety. I would go with a hypnotherapist that is reliable and really knows what they are doing and specialise in your symptoms. I saw a guy called Stuart Thompson he was a great hypnotherapist and I cant thank him enough for his help and support and his anxiety treatment.

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