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Anyone recommend a counsellor in South East London/ Greenwich area?

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hopeyoucanhelp Wed 09-Jan-08 22:46:38

Hiya all,

I need a counsellor to help with general depression issues - its actually for DP - he has been through various stuff over past 4/5 years and now feels he's 'running on empty'

Its started to seriously affect our relsp - he;s agreed to see a counsellor but dont know where to find a good ( but not really really expensive) one!

Anyone help pls?



NotQuiteCockney Thu 10-Jan-08 07:35:32

The BACP isn't a bad place to look, by region - you can see what they specialise in from the site, and how much they charge. I'd stick to ones who had accreditation or registration with one of the relevant bodies.

Twinkie1 Thu 10-Jan-08 08:00:33

I went to a lovely counsellor in Bexley - is that too far away - I will try and dig out her address and telephone number.

hopeyoucanhelp Thu 10-Jan-08 09:45:45

thanks twinkie - bexley would be perfect

I'll have a look at bacp too

timusathem28 Mon 08-Jun-15 07:03:31

Hi Twinkie1, would you mind sending me her details too? I need a counsellor in the Greenwich area too. Many thanks.

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