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Iamincrisis Tue 03-Aug-21 00:09:36

I wrote that I was in crisis the other day. I am now feeling heavily suicidal and am thinking about ending my life. I have a one year old. I don’t know what to do. Please help

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MagentaIsGreen Tue 03-Aug-21 00:11:17

OP I am not qualified to help with this but don't want you to feel alone.

MaybeMaybeNotJ Tue 03-Aug-21 00:11:33

Call someone, anyone you trust at all? If not then please dial 999
Im so sorry you’re feeling this way xxx

Capricornandproud Tue 03-Aug-21 00:11:39

Handholding here… are you on your own? Please don’t do it. Someone will be along soon with wiser words but I’m listening xx

TimeForTeaAndG Tue 03-Aug-21 00:12:08

Call 999.

Is there anyone, even a neighbour, nearby that could sit with you?

I'm sorry that you are suffering, you need to speak to a crisis team.

coldtenant Tue 03-Aug-21 00:12:13

Talk to us? I don’t remember you posting before, sorry.

Lifeisbeautiful01 Tue 03-Aug-21 00:12:18

Please call Samaritans straight away. I didn’t see your other post but whatever is happening will pass. Your LO needs you and you are important. Call them now- take care flowers


MagentaIsGreen Tue 03-Aug-21 00:12:24

I am here. What has happened? Can you call the Samaritans? Call 116123, it is free

Capricornandproud Tue 03-Aug-21 00:12:32

Here op

Eloisedublin123 Tue 03-Aug-21 00:12:34

Can you talk to us OP? X

Iamincrisis Tue 03-Aug-21 00:12:58

My partner is here. I know my baby wouldn’t notice if I was gone.

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MagentaIsGreen Tue 03-Aug-21 00:13:05

Please call them, they can help better than we can.

Capricornandproud Tue 03-Aug-21 00:13:10

This feeling IS temporary and WILL pass, I promise xx

Asvan Tue 03-Aug-21 00:13:22


Hope you are ok.

Do you have anyone that you are close to who you can talk to?

flumposie Tue 03-Aug-21 00:14:47

Please reach out to someone, samaritans or 999. You and your little one are not alone.

TimeForTeaAndG Tue 03-Aug-21 00:14:48

Tell your partner.

Wake them up if they are asleep even if they have work or whatever other reason. This is more important.

coldtenant Tue 03-Aug-21 00:15:15

Of course your little one would know.
Can you talk to your partner now or call a friend? You might think they won’t want to hear it but honestly they will

AtomicSquirrel3 Tue 03-Aug-21 00:15:24

I'm sorry things are feeling desperate for you right now. If you can get yourself to your local A&E they will do a mental health assessment. If you can't get there, please call 999 x

MagentaIsGreen Tue 03-Aug-21 00:16:36

Yes. If you feel like this nothing else matters more. People love you and you don't have to feel like this alone: please call 116123 now OP. They will help you.

TimeForTeaAndG Tue 03-Aug-21 00:17:26

I've sat with a friend before and we just took it in very small steps. This next breath. In. Out. Talk. Hold hands. Cry. Breathe.

Do you have any soothing techniques? Curling up under a quilt, being held tightly, that sort of thing. Does music or TV help to focus you away from your thoughts?

OhNoNoNoNoNo Tue 03-Aug-21 00:18:49

Please call 999. They will come and help you. You need professional help. They won’t judge you. They will get you the help you need.
I really really hope you feel better soon.

LtDansleg Tue 03-Aug-21 00:18:58

Have you reached out for help before op? I know the Samaritans helpline is useless sometimes so I won’t advise you to phone those. You need to talk to us. What’s happened to you? What’s causing these thoughts?

Iamincrisis Tue 03-Aug-21 00:19:29

It’s my only way out. My mum tells me I need to ‘sort my shit out’, my MIL tells me I’m not a natural with my baby. They tell me if I tell anyone about my mental health my baby will be taken away from me or go solely to my partner. He’s more of a caregiver as he doesn’t work and I do

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coldtenant Tue 03-Aug-21 00:21:13

Your title asked us for help which means to me you want actually want help, so you don’t need to go anywhere.
What can we do to help?

coldtenant Tue 03-Aug-21 00:22:09

Well that’s all crap for a start!

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