Boyfriend suffering with depression

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Sagittarius12 Wed 14-Apr-21 06:44:22

Hoping for some advice on this one as really stuck. About 4 weeks ago my boyfriend said he couldn’t be with me anymore as he needed to be on his own and sort himself out due to how he was feeling. I was obviously upset but I left it there and had minimal contact with him even though I found it strange as there were no issues in the relationship. I got the odd text from him asking how I was which was strange if he didn’t want to be with me.

Fast forward about 3 weeks he messaged me saying he was sorry and he missed me. He thought being alone was what he needed but it actually made him worse and he asked to see me, but said he understood if I didn’t want to. Of course I did and we chatted for ages about how he was feeling and everything seemed okay. He promised to open up more about his feelings.

The weekend after this, we spent a weekend together and on the Monday night I tried to text and no reply. I tried calling him later on which he didn’t answer but could see he was active on social media. Anyway, I went to bed and woke up to see he still hadn’t text so I messaged him saying I was worried can you please let me know you’re okay. Got a message back at 7am saying “I’m okay” I replied “Are you feeling bad again?” But got no response. I phoned him at 7:15 when he was driving to work and he answered. I asked what was wrong with him and he said he was fine. I said that’s really selfish to just not reply, you need to at least say you need space. He said “I just don’t feel like talking I’m sorry” I said I had to go and hung up. It’s now been 2 days and we still haven’t spoke. Obviously I’m worried but I refuse to text/call again and be ignored. Does anyone have similar stories or any advice for me?

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WildfirePonie Wed 14-Apr-21 06:59:09

I would block him.

How long have you been together and have there been other issues like this?

Rainbowqueeen Wed 14-Apr-21 07:01:20

I’d run for the hills based on experience. You deserve better.

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