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Cloudd Fri 05-Mar-21 19:52:44

Hi. Need your advice/positive experiences...
Couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with severe depression and generalised anxiety disorder so started fluoxetine/Prozac for first time. It’s been 3weeks now, a did a week on 10mg and then to 20mg. I’ve seen an improvement in my mood and energy, from a 0 to a 4, but will this continue to improve over the following weeks or is this the best it’s going to get? I still feel down during the evenings, when did it start to work for you/noticeable improvements? Xx

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polelynn Fri 05-Mar-21 20:00:02

Hi Cloudd, I've just started on this too, in fact today. So no advice I'm afraid but good to hear it's started to work for you. I'm full of doubt today but I think that's to be expected.

Mischance Fri 05-Mar-21 20:01:15

It has been a life-saver for my DD. I am pleased that it is helping you already. Stick with it.

Cloudd Sat 06-Mar-21 09:36:59

Hi. I hope they work well for you!! Sending flowers. Did they start you on 10mg or 20mg? Please keep me updated in your journey, I know it’s hard!!

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Cloudd Sat 06-Mar-21 09:38:29

How long did it take her to feel herself again on the tablets? X

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trevthecat Sat 06-Mar-21 09:40:30

I started to feel better after about 2 weeks but took probably 4/5 to feel closer to my normal self. Good luck

EnglishRose1320 Sat 06-Mar-21 09:42:49

I think its normally about 6 weeks before you get the full effects, from what I can remember


polelynn Sat 06-Mar-21 10:14:07

Thank you Cloudd, thanks to you too. They started me on 20mg with a plan to increase after a couple of weeks.

Cloudd Sat 06-Mar-21 16:38:26

How are you finding them so far, any side effects? I noticed a change on energy and mood slightly in the first two weeks, hope it’s same for you!

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Cloudd Sat 06-Mar-21 16:43:25

Thank you! smile

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Cloudd Sat 06-Mar-21 16:43:58

Thank you, hope it makes me feel like myself again!

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ClosedAuraOpenMind Sat 06-Mar-21 17:06:21

I started taking fluoxetine in 2014 for moderate to severe depression. in the first couple of weeks I had flashes of feeling better, like little glimpses of the old me. my dose was upped from 20mg to 40mg and that made a real difference to me. It saved me, really.
at one point I was in 60mg, coping with the death of my father and in the dark bleakness of winter, but I cut down and came off it in 2019
then of course the panda came along and screwed up my mental health again, so I'm back on it, but coping well on 20mg. but my gp thinks I'll be fine coming off it, when life goes back to something more normal...
it's good to hear it's working for you - it's just a case of getting the right dose, and sticking with it a wee bit longer hopefully thanks

ClosedAuraOpenMind Sat 06-Mar-21 17:07:27

that should say the pandemic came along, not the panda. FFS blush

polelynn Sat 06-Mar-21 17:33:20

Slight nausea and feeling a bit spaced out both today and yesterday. The replies to you on this thread are giving me hope.

My mental health hasn't been great for a long time, too long if I'm honest, but like the pp and I'm sure many others, has really nose dived since the pandemic.

Cloudd Sun 07-Mar-21 17:36:29

Hi, I think the pandemic has made everyone worse!! Did you still have ‘bad’ days with the depression? x

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Cloudd Sun 07-Mar-21 17:37:47

I’m so glad they give you a bit of hope, I know you must feel so hopeless... the last couple of days for me have been really good, and it’s not at its maximum yet, I hope they help you the same! X

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escape212 Tue 09-Mar-21 21:07:33

I've been taking fluoxetine 20mg for 3 weeks myself, prescribed to treat anxiety. I have to say, the first week or so I seemed to get every side effect there is - nausea, insomnia, dry mouth, slurred speech....it was rough. But through week 2 it cleared and they seem to be working a little. I feel less anxious in general and can shake things off a bit better. However, nothing remarkable to be honest so i am hoping it may take the 4-6 weeks for them to fully work. When does everyone take theirs? I take mines after dinner about 6pm. I have never taken tablets before in my life except the usual paracetamol etc.

KatyMac Tue 09-Mar-21 21:13:11

I take mine about 3

I started in nov at 20mg and it was too much I was woosy, I dropped to 10mg.....not enough

They gave me liquid and I stabilised at any 14mg early Dec (I think) and I started to manage

By end of Jan I felt good and end of Feb I started a very slow reduction and I'm on 12mg atm

polelynn Tue 09-Mar-21 21:31:23

I take mine first thing. Day 4 today, slight nausea and struggling to go off to sleep and waking early which I find hard as sleep has been my only respite from how I feel.

sugarlost Tue 09-Mar-21 21:42:06

I'm on 20mg since mid January. I felt sick for about 2 weeks then I was ok. I've never slept well and find I still have that problem. Have tried taking medication lunch time and early evening. I get tired alot but never had much energy anyway.

The pandemic made me feel worse so having been prescribed the medication about a year ago finally decided to start it. Sometimes I feel good... other days are very challenging with suicidal thoughts. I may ask for an increase in medication...I was hoping to come off medication once life gets back to normal but realistically I may always need medication as I've been depressed since a teenager.

Wish you all luck. It's great we have reached out for support.

Exercise also helps my mental health.

escape212 Tue 09-Mar-21 21:54:59

Yeh sleep seems a common issue. In the first week i was waking about 1-2am and not getting back to sleep, it was horrendous. Now i am much better but will wake about 5 and toss and turn a bit. Having two under 5s doesn't help the sleep anyways smile.

sugarlost Tue 09-Mar-21 22:04:00

Good sleep is important for your health and sleeping tablets did nothing for me. I think some of us are not lucky in that department...I never wake up feeling refreshed.

KatyMac Wed 10-Mar-21 11:49:30

Sleep is a total nightmare atm

Linearpark Thu 11-Mar-21 00:20:42

I personally feel 6 weeks is a key moment but at a decent dose ie not counting weaning into it. After 6 weeks the balance of side effects vs efficacy will be apparent - which does not mean a different antidepressant will not work: the reason certain antidepressants work for certain people is that they generally target particular parts (subunits) of proteins on the cell membrane of neurones (cells conducting nervous impulses). Therefore, because these proteins have several parts different genes or alleles are quite individually inherited. We are approaching a point where genetic analysis will make this predictable rather than hit and miss, but not quite yet I am afraid.

TolpuddleFarter Thu 11-Mar-21 00:30:06

I found fluoxetine very good for anxiety. There were side effects though - my sleep was affected, I found myself needing a nap ever day, and I put on a lot of weight. But what it did for my anxiety was life changing.

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