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Bach's Rescue Remedy for a stressed out mum - does it work?

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uberalice Thu 01-Nov-07 12:56:47

Does anyone have any experience of using Bach's Rescue Remedy? I've just been reading on and it looks like there are different remedies for different symptoms. Where can I get this stuff, and which one do I need?

I've been feeling quite stressed lately. Probably borderline depressed (I did the Edinburgh test last night and got a 12). I've got a boisterous 3 yr old and a teething 11 month old and I lose my calm with them more often than I'd like.

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 01-Nov-07 12:59:08

Boots have them - I like Rescue Remedy as use it when I'm severely stressed/anxious - don't know whether it actually works but the taking of it seems therapeutic to me - I like that it says 'to comfort and reassure' on the bottle...I'd try it if I were you !

ScottishMummy Thu 01-Nov-07 13:06:19

i think it works because of placebo effect. hope in a bottle reallywink but if it works for you hey...

goingfriggincrazy Thu 01-Nov-07 13:10:17

I think its down to the alcohol in the base of the tincture-a good swig helps!

Flier Thu 01-Nov-07 13:12:10

I've used it in the past and really think it works, you'll get it in Boots in the homeopathy/natural remedy section. Good thing is you can't od on it grin

Flier Thu 01-Nov-07 13:12:28

or get drunk on it afaik

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 01-Nov-07 13:14:11

yes, the brandy taste is quite comforting !

uberalice Thu 01-Nov-07 21:49:04

Thanks for all your replies. Just a quick bump for the night crowd before I decide whether or not to give it a go.

tortoise Thu 01-Nov-07 21:50:56

I use the tongue spray. Its always kept in my handbag in case. I find it works for me.

sez23 Thu 01-Nov-07 21:53:48

also works for teethers. tiny drop on hurting area. gotta be better than rubbing whiskey!

PhoenixSoaring Thu 01-Nov-07 21:55:15

give ti a go - rescue rememdy, plus individual flowers avail form large boots stores

good luck

coby Thu 01-Nov-07 21:56:58

I know a fair few people who have sworn by it for a good while.It is great for when you are out and about and need some instant help!

Saw it in my little local boots a few days ago so should be easy for you to find.

I'd say give it a go, if it works for lots of others, maybe it will for you too.

Good luck!

MaryAnnSinglebang Fri 02-Nov-07 10:11:29

yep,uberalice - it's worth giving a go !

Niecie Fri 02-Nov-07 10:14:54

Works for me. Takes about 20-30 minutes but you do realise that suddenly you are a bit calmer, even if you haven't stopped stressing about whatever made you take it in the first place. It has got me through several exams and other difficult situations.

needahand Fri 02-Nov-07 10:16:38

uberlice personally I don't find the rescue remedy that helpful, it think the help is more psychological than anything.

What I would recommend if you are able to is go to your nearest Neal's yard remedy, explain your symptoms (are you stressed only or also tired, emotional etc). They do fabulous herbal tinctures. I am a bit of an insomniac and they work wonders. A friend of mine was diagnosed with depression and dragged her to buy one, it worked wonders on her too.

Two things though, they are slightly pricey and taste foul (so you have to dilute in a lot of water) + if you are pgt, check that it is ok to take it. But honestly worth having a go.

Whatever you choose, good luck, I hope you feel better soon. It is draining sometimes having kids

greenday Fri 02-Nov-07 10:28:55

Personally, I don't think it works for me. Recently bought one because I was curious and attracted to the 'comfort and reassure' tagline. But to be honest, I personally feel that its more psychological than anything. I'm still using it though, only because it was rather pricey, and it definitely wouldn't be comforting and reassuring to throw it away after a few goes.

Niecie Fri 02-Nov-07 10:35:40

greenday - I find it needs more than the recommended dosage sometimes. Keep taking every 10 minutes for a little while and you may find it helps. I don't do the diluting with water either, just drops on the tongue.

Maybe it is psychological but does that matter if it works?

greenday Fri 02-Nov-07 10:56:55

Yes, I agree that if it works psychologically, it works at the end of the day. Thks for the tips, I'll give it a go more regularly (may be wrong here, but I thought it said to use it 4x a day).

MaryAnnSinglebang Fri 02-Nov-07 11:03:26

I go way over the dosage !! I'm pretty sure it's psychological but what the hell !

sallystrawberry Fri 02-Nov-07 11:05:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Niecie Fri 02-Nov-07 11:09:41

Thats why I wonder if it really does help as I never found Kalms to have any effect at all. If it were purely psychological surely they should both work?

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