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I need to change my life

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Partey Mon 16-Nov-20 19:55:50

I’m hoping for some inspiration really. Or just a record of the changes I need to make.

I’m overweight. Covid means I’m at home more. I’m eating terribly. I’ve developed massive health anxiety in the last couple of months.

Tomorrow I’m going to walk the dog for longer than I have been. I need to eat better. I need less time to think, to stress.

I need to stop thinking about it and actually do something.

I’m also worse anxiety wise on an evening, can anyone recommend any mindfulness apps? Or podcasts?

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JustMeAndMyTins Mon 16-Nov-20 20:49:11

Hey Partey! This sounds like the start of something great for you!

The original mindfulness app is still my favourite - Headspace - but Calm is really popular now. Both have free trials. I use calm for the soundscapes and sleep stories but unfortunately I can’t bear the voice of the woman who does the guided meditations. I had Sanvello for a while through work. That’s pretty good for guided stuff. I’m sure that has a trial too. Try them all and find one you like. Also, Headspace is included if you get an Anxiety UK membership - which is cheaper than the Headspace subscription cost alone.

Not for anxiety per se but I like the ‘sleep with me’ podcast. If your anxiety affects your sleep, give it a go. It’s hard to explain but have a listen - and try more than once if you don’t like it immediately.

What about trying some yoga? Have a look at Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube.

I hope that helps. smile

Partey Tue 17-Nov-20 09:57:28

Thank you @JustMeAndMyTins

I plan to have a look over your suggestions today. Just finished a 3 mile walk with the dog, he will get a shorter one later too so 10k steps will be in the bag.

I’m hoping to get something to listen to on Alexa if possible so I’ll have a google shortly

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