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Anxiety and panic attacks chest pain for a days?

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Carrotcake202 Sun 08-Nov-20 21:39:24

Hello, I’ve recently been suffering panic attacks and this time round I’ve had a chest pain and it’s lasted for days. I know it’s not a heart attack as I’ve went to A&E on Friday evening as I thought I was having a heart attack and been checked thoroughly and it’s was a panic attack also seen a gp who checked my chest for asthma it’s not that either. The doctor said anxiety and stress can cause physical pain. I’ve also took pain killers to help which has just feels like a dull ache that comes and goes. Maybe it’s because of how much adrenaline a panic can cause it’s made my chest ache? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you

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HollyDollyDooDaa Mon 09-Nov-20 10:25:13

Ive been struggling with my anxiety recently and the chest pains have started, they start on the left and spread right across my chest and then a sharp pain appears in my back. It takes my breath sometimes.

I have an appointment with the doctor today so I'm going to see what they think of it.

fatbottomgirl67 Mon 09-Nov-20 10:37:48

I get this too. It's crap isn't it? It does pass but slowly. Have you tried keeping busy to take your mind off it? I know that sounds pathetic but it works for me. I just try to find something to get engrossed in and then my body starts to relax. Other than that I've not found any solutions. Hold onto the fact that it will get better. I used to feel like this so often and now it's just now and again.

Carrotcake202 Mon 09-Nov-20 17:23:09

HollyDollyDooDaa yes very similar to me, I hope everything went ok today

fatbottemgirl67 it really is sad i do keep busy I just comes and goes and I think that’s best thing to do, completely agree It will, just doesn’t feel nice when it’s happening

Thanks for your replies, it’s reassuring that I’m not on my own and not thinking I’m being paranoid x

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fatbottomgirl67 Tue 10-Nov-20 16:42:19

You are definitely not on your own. Keep remembering it's "just anxiety"
It will pass, life will settle again and you will feel better. It might not be immediate but it will happen. I also found telling someone made me feel better. Just saying the words out loud seems to help a little. Try not to let it take over your life, keep on going and it will get easier x

WorriedNotWorried Tue 10-Nov-20 19:13:57

You’re not alone.

I first had chest pains 7 years ago when DH was very poorly in hospital and I was juggling work, young kids etc whilst terrified I was going to lose him. At the time I googled my symptoms and I remember the NHS website said dial 999 - but I just didn’t have time!

Anyway he got better thank goodness, my pains went away, and life has been good.

But this year has been tough and once again I’m in a place where I’m losing sleep over my worries. And those pesky chest pains are back.

I can’t tell anyone in real life. Not sure about you?

Honestadviceneeded Fri 13-Nov-20 21:03:06

When my anxiety is like this, I find propanalol takes the edge off for me. Once the edge has been taken off, I can begin to focus on ways to lower my anxiety levels. For me exercise and being outdoors is what I need. I’m trying to get better at breathing exercises and also at meditation etc.
Maybe some gentle stretches and relaxation will help ease the pains flowers

Haggisfish Fri 13-Nov-20 21:04:14

I think the pain is closed by the tensing and relaxing your chest muscles and the unconscious hyperventilating you do when anxious.

boredboredboredboredbored Wed 18-Nov-20 16:41:46

Oh yes I feel you!! For me it's like a burning pain right across my chest. I have diarrhoea and lose my appetite completely. I feel like it's a monster inside me, I can't work while I'm like that. For me it occurs when my brain can't take anymore worry so the physical symptom is this. I absolutely hate it and become a complete wreck. I have learnt the best thing is distraction and knowing it'll pass eventually.

Carrotcake202 Wed 18-Nov-20 20:24:41

WorriedNotWorried : I’m glad to hear that your husband recovered, yeah this year has been terrible and I loose sleep over worries too and I don’t really have anyone to talk to either.

Honestadviceneeded : the doctor has prescribed me with them 10mg, I know this sounds silly but what are the side effects she said I might feel dizzy after the first tablet as they lower your blood pressure, yeah I’ve started to learn breathing techniques it’s does make a difference with the help of distraction I’m glad the propanalol has helped you with your anxiety smile hopefully they will with mine

Haggisfish: yes I agree and it aches for days even feels sore.

boredboredboredboredbored: yes it seems to easily throw you off track with life of that makes sense? Especially as they are random too, yeah it is strange how the body reacts physically to anxiety before I would never of known how much I can effect it until this started.

Thanks for replying op’s wish you all the best flowers

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