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What have you done that has helped your mental health?

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Juliecloud Wed 28-Oct-20 09:26:07

I am suffering just now. I feel so down all the time. Life seems pointless. I can’t see how things will improve any time soon. I am currently having CBT and the therapist asked what has changed in my life as I haven’t always felt like this. I was trying to think. I take steps to improve my mental health. I go for walks in nature nearly every day. I do aerobic exercise that gets my heart pumping 2-3 times a week. I spend some time most days on my hobby. It makes no difference to how I feel. The therapist said I need to do stuff for myself but I don’t think that makes me feel any better.
What things have you done that have improved your mental health? More exercise? Changed your diet? Medication?

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Pickypolly Wed 28-Oct-20 09:32:52

A task.
Just one each day.
Feel like you, I’m amazed you do so much.
I put a wash load on. But now my next task is of course to get it dry & put away.
I’m going to run the hoover over in a bit.
Gotta get showered first though.
So lots of singular tasks.

When all I want to do is go back to bed, it’s monumental to get anything achieved.

It’s shit, totally shit to feel like this.

NancysDream Wed 28-Oct-20 09:51:55

Work. Study. Housework. I find that being useful makes me feel better, so I fix something. I clean something. I learn something. I do a job (even a voluntary one)

I've gone NC with everyone the people who stress me out. Had some counselling. Read some books, listened to more on Audible. Thrown away all the crap I didn't need, donated all my clothes in too small clothes and stopped dieting. I give less fucks and do all the things I do give a fuck about better.

I keep my circle small and my life simple. I prioritise. I let myself off the hook at the end of the day, and no matter what I prioritise some down time and self care. I listen to a lot of music. I count my gratitudes/blessings. I have faith that things will get better, no matter what. Just keep on moving forwards.

I try and be really kind and non judgemental to others, and then to treat myself like that too (the second part is often harder!) I try to laugh as much as I can and not take myself (or anything else!) too seriously. Life is short. Eat the pizza. Sing in the shower. Stop fighting yourself. Take some deep breaths. Get into the thick of it.

ArrabellaAM Wed 28-Oct-20 09:55:30

Medication & the headspace app.
Medication has helped me sooo much but I still have the odd down day.
The app is brilliant for those down days as it helps me to look at things differently.
Cbt never really suited me but this app does.
I think there's a 2 week free trial and then it is paid after that however in my opinion it is well worth paying for.

TropicaI Wed 28-Oct-20 09:57:59

Great advice here. I did Dry January, and it definitely helped, so I carried on. Not drinking has helped me to feel less anxious and more in control day to day. smile

NancysDream Wed 28-Oct-20 10:01:11

I label my feelings, as well, and am not afraid of them. Guilt I acknowledge and let go because it does not serve me. The same with shame and self pity. Frustration and despair I let pass like clouds. Anger I use as an opportunity to practice my assertive skills, and my patience. Sadness I treat like I would in a child, yes its sad, cry the tears, it's ok to be sad sometimes. Fear I do my best to work through and face. I cry, I shout, I laugh, I swear, I tear my hair out, I hide in my bed sometimes and don't want to get up. I lie down thinking I'll never get up again, exhausted, defeated, and every time I get back up again and find the hope, the joy, the love, the wonder. Or another box set on Netflix, whatevs. I accept my whole self, good and bad, my past, present and future. Radical self acceptance and also radical responsibility. As a sufferer of sexual abuse and domestic violence it was so important for me to stop living in the victim mentality and move to a state of total responsibility for my self, my life, my emotions. I don't play the blame game. I don't live in that drama triangle. Freedom comes from no longer avoiding things, but facing them wholeheartedly and trusting that I will cope, I will survive.

Juliecloud Wed 28-Oct-20 18:29:46

Thanks, there’s some good suggestions here that I could try.

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CircetheWitch Fri 30-Oct-20 09:19:00

@NancysDream - thank you, this is what I needed to read today.

I am struggling rather a lot at the moment and I think your advice is brilliant. I'll be referring back to it whenever I need a reminder of what can help keep one going through challenging times.

Thank you again flowers

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