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Feeling wobbly and emotional about lots of things

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HyperHippo Sun 25-Oct-20 16:21:25

I'm not sure if the pandemic has lead to this or if it is just one of life's usual ups and downs but I've been really struggling. Don't think it's depression, more a mental health low than illness.

I'm worrying about family tensions. These are long and historic so not something I need to take action on, more something which I felt on top of and that I'd accepted but suddenly feel anxious about. Particularly with Christmas coming up.

I feel worried about my upcoming wedding next year and covid and feeling like I'm not as excited for it as I should be. I am excited for marriage and deeply love my fiancé, but the wedding itself feels a bit lost.

Work for me is very different with covid restrictions meaning nearly zero socialising and the fun aspect is gone. There is going to be some big leadership changes coming and it feels uncertain.

I have a friendship which has really gone down the pan recently. After a year or so of fighting for it and reaching out endlessly to a friend going through tough times, I got to a point of realising a few things about the friendship, how one way it all is and that it is unhealthy. I have slightly given up on being the chaser and the friend hasn't come to me at all. I feel gutted but lost with it. I have told myself to leave it for now and focus on other things but I know eventually I need to make a decision and talk it through or let it all go.

It is all just feeling like too much at the moment. So many emotions and I feel easily knocked. It is unlike me. I am usually positive and able to work through things but I feel exhausted. I know there are people out there with so much more going on, but I feel stuck in a rut.

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Ideasplease322 Sun 25-Oct-20 22:00:12

I know exactly what you mean. I have been really struggling lately, so much so that I have started seeing a counsellor.

I am just a bit worried, anxious and Sad. I don’t really know why. I have even had panic attacks about work stuff that I would normally be fine about.

I’m not worried about catching covid, but I am worried about my parents. Work is tough and I find working from home lonely and hard.

I also live alone and am really struggling with the lock downs. I usually love the independence of living alone, but I know find it depressing.

I think general stress and anxiety is higher in most people. Our whole way of live has changed so suddenly. I sometime feel like I am living I. A bad movie😊.

Keep talking to people. It will get better

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