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Don't be SAD everything will be ok

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ExerciseBeaver Tue 06-Oct-20 13:34:29

I love the baths idea. I am definitely stealing that. Having one tonight.

anxietrist Tue 06-Oct-20 11:18:26

@TippledPink I'm at home at the moment too and it's definitely affected my mood and motivation - being around people is important! I'm in work next week so hope it helps. I hope you manage to book a desk and get in too!

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anxietrist Tue 06-Oct-20 11:15:23

@frozendaisy being in the garden always makes me feel calmer and happier! I'm thinking of putting a bench at the bottom where it's quiet and gets the sun

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frozendaisy Tue 06-Oct-20 09:00:11

I have recently re-established having a luxurious bath with great novels, Zadie Smith is a new discovery.

And went out jogging again with digital radio blocking out the world.

Clearing garden to have a clean slate for spring leaving seeding plants for the birds.

TippledPink Mon 05-Oct-20 23:28:00

I have exercised nearly every day this week and my mood is getting worse, not better! I am really struggling today. It feels like groundhog Day working from home, tried to book a desk to go into the office tomorrow but they are all booked, thought it might lift my mood a bit being around people but won't get that opportunity now.

ExerciseBeaver Mon 05-Oct-20 23:25:05

Hi op , I hope you get some more joiners. I definitely need to go for a daily walk.

anxietrist Mon 05-Oct-20 19:42:52

This tweet by someone (sorry I can't remember who!) I thought summed up life. I'm doing all the right things - meds, no drinking, sleep routine etc. but can still feel by body and motivation for anything slowing right down. I swear I'm supposed to be a hedgehog and hibernate all winter! So I've pledged to myself to exercise a little bit every day. I've got a one mile loop that is enough to energise but not enough to fill me with dread. So anyone else who is struggling I'm here for moral support! & sharing of survival tips welcome smile

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