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As anyone been signed off work with depression/anxiety?

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thetryingistrying Thu 11-Oct-07 12:13:50

If so, did you go back? Was it easy to go back? How do you think your workmates reacted?

I have refused to admitt depression to gp as i have worried about impact on workplace etc. But am going tomorrow to 'fess up and think taking some time off work might be an option.

saffymum Thu 11-Oct-07 12:19:53

hi, been there done that, I suggest you be honest with your gp but keep your personal details to yourself for the moment. See if you can get booked off for flu or a back injury or something initially and see how you feel after a week or two off.

Do you really care what people at work think? really, your health is more important than what they think but you might find it easier to get through if you manage this in your own way first. Anyway if you do tell them then they have to be really careful not to discriminate against you due to new workplace regulations.

I'm on AD's and asked for time off to be kept out of my HR file but that was personal choice, I told my boss and he was supportive and has given me a huge project to organise which shows he doesn't think my illness affects my capacity to do a good job.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

thetryingistrying Thu 11-Oct-07 12:23:45

thanks sm.

didn't even occur to me that people wouldn't have to know. so your boss just kept it under his hat?

did it help having time off?

ad's terrify me as i watched my dad turn into a zombie on them.

hertsnessex Thu 11-Oct-07 12:26:49

i got signed off last yr from my city job with anxiety, i didnt go back - but that was personal choice.

MellowMa Thu 11-Oct-07 12:28:34

Message withdrawn

FrightAttendant Thu 11-Oct-07 12:34:41

Yes, 10 years ago...I have not gone back, I was severely anorexic after that for about 4 years, then soon after I had a baby and have had depression on and off all along.
I have not taken AD's because I don't think they address the issue - ie I'd be chained to them for life, until I had enough therapy to sort out the underlying problem. Also some have bad side-effects - I've had suicidal times and some AD's have been known to tip people over the edge, especially in the initial period of taking them.
I'm sure they work for some people but I don't like the idea personally.
Go easy on yourself - yes, I've felt a bit stigmatised but tbh it was obvious I was ill when I got signed off, as I was so thin, and now nobody really knows about why I don't work as I have young kids, so it's not been too bad - however if you are off long term, you'll have interviews to establish how ill your really are, and they can feel degrading depending on how knowledgeable the Dr. is - I had to formally complain about one as it was a substandard, abusive interview in which I was condemned for having children while depressed.
I have to admit I feel uncomfortable admitting it to anyone, but I struggled so much before I realised there was a reason I wasn't coping, and asked for help.
Good luck smile

thetryingistrying Thu 11-Oct-07 12:37:49

i don't really have much choice about working as we need teh cash but don't fancy taking a month off only to feel like a freak when i go back.

MellowMa Thu 11-Oct-07 12:46:09

Message withdrawn

saffymum Thu 11-Oct-07 13:11:27

My boss was really great, I have a good relationship with him which helped, I didn't want to lie when my GP said, 'you're too stressed and anxious' take some time off etc. and offered to book me off with flu or something. You can also take a week off without having to go to a gp and self certify at work.

So when my boss called I told him straight, that I needed some time off and I trusted him so asked him if I could please not have this on my HR record (future employers can ask for sickness info) and I didn't want mental illness/stress or AD's being on my record.

Having time off did help, it was only a week but I just slept and rested and thought about what was the cause of my stresses and worked on my own strategy to keeping on top of things. Having time off gives you a chance to look around you and see whats bothering you and you can try and see if you can help yourself without the distractions of work and other daily chores. Good luck whatever you do and remember there are thousands of depressed people out there sitting to the left and right of you and you just don't know it. If we were all more open about our feelings and spoke of our problems that probably wouldn't be the case!

Donnafeenan1234 Sun 25-Dec-16 17:02:30

I can't cope at work any more I have bad anxiety and my boss picks and picks at everything I do all day I also have bad asthma and have a bad cough every morning he calls me sick note in front of staff and customers even though I've never been off sick and says I'm not entitled to sick pay I feel like I'm going lose it with him he embarrassed me daily in front of customers

MotherFuckingChainsaw Sun 25-Dec-16 17:30:48

Yes, I was off for 3 months several years ago. No one but my boss and the few colleagues I chose to share with know.

I did a phased return with quite a bit of support. I'm in a sector well known for a high mental health attrition rate, though my job isn't stressfull in itself, so I think myself lucky I had good support.

A few years down the line, no mention is made of it. And I'm treated no differently.

MotherFuckingChainsaw Sun 25-Dec-16 17:35:01

Oh bum zombie thread. donna might be worth starting a thread of your own.

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