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Could this all be anxiety related?

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RaeCJ82 Fri 02-Oct-20 19:58:44

About 8 weeks ago I started experiencing palpitations that caused me to feel dizzy and lightheaded. This was pretty unpleasant and I googled possible causes (should have just gone straight to the docs, I know).

Since then I have been pretty much consistently dizzy and lightheaded and I've had chest pain (central and left side) and a strange feeling of pressure pushing me down. I've had one episode where I was convinced I was having a heart attack and called an ambulance. They did an ECG, finger prick, blood pressure etc and all were fine.

Symptoms have persisted. I've been to urgent care and had another ECG, chest x-ray and bloods. All fine again. I've also had a 24 hour ECG, which came back fine, in spite of me feeling like I had a few palpitations in that time.

8 weeks on and I'm still consistently dizzy, have palpitations and have the pain and pressure. I'm wondering if this all could be attributed to anxiety, even though I don't feel anxious? Has anybody experienced this?

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Jamhandprints Fri 02-Oct-20 20:07:02

If you dont feel anxious its not likely to be anxiety. Do you take a multi vitamin? Sometimes symptoms like this can be from a nutritional deficiency.

RaeCJ82 Fri 02-Oct-20 20:23:09

I have been taking Floradix and a separate zinc and magnesium, but I do forget to take them quite often.
Drip feeding a know, but I did experience sleep problems prior to lockdown and now sleep separate to my partner some nights to try and get better sleep.
I also started taking cbd oil during lockdown to try and help with the sleep problems and stopped taking it prior to these symptoms starting. I now wonder whether this was actually helping with the stress of WFH through lockdown with a preschooler at home and now the anxiety I would have felt has materialised.

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Jamhandprints Sat 03-Oct-20 23:20:43

Could be. Is there a reason why you stopped the cbd oil?
Try taking a comprehensive multi vit and minerals for a couple of weeks and see if it helps. But make sure it doesnt have super high copper content as that can make anxiety symptoms worse.

RaeCJ82 Sun 04-Oct-20 09:00:44

I stopped the cbd because of cost really.
I'll make sure I take my multi vit. I'm also waiting on an appt for my bloods to be taken to check levels, including thyroid, ferritin, glucose etc.

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pattam Sun 04-Oct-20 18:14:53

Generally our blood pressure goes up when we’re worried. It would need to drop to feel dizzy.

RaeCJ82 Sun 04-Oct-20 18:37:28

I don't have low blood pressure. The dizziness is pretty much all the time, not just when I stand up, for instance.

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Orchidflower1 Mon 05-Oct-20 14:45:51

Do you think maybe the dizziness could be caused by hyperventilating whether unconscious or noticeably? I get that when I’m feeling anxious.

RaeCJ82 Mon 05-Oct-20 18:44:41

I'm thinking it's not anxiety as I don't feel anxious (apart from being worried when the symptoms start). I didn't feel too bad this morning, but the dizziness kicked in over the course of the morning. I went on quite a brisk walk at lunchtime and by the time I was almost home the chest pain had started again, like a dull pain in the centre of my chest and to the left. The dizziness ramped up too. Ibuprofen makes me feel better.

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RaeCJ82 Mon 05-Oct-20 18:47:23

I feel quite dismissed by my GP. They texted me to say my 24 hour ecg was fine, no phone call or anything. I don't really know where to go from here. Should I ask for more tests?

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jessstan1 Mon 05-Oct-20 19:00:36

It sounds like anxiety and panic. You could try guided meditations to help you, look on youtube for some good ones that are well reviewed. You will eventually learn to do it yourself.

I understand how you feel, been there.

Jamhandprints Mon 05-Oct-20 21:32:25

Maybe go back to the gp and ask for more tests if you dont feel anxious. Tell them its worse when you exercise.

Aldilogue Mon 05-Oct-20 21:52:07

Hmmm. I suffer from anxiety and can get chest pains however mine is muscle tension and can feel it coming on so try to do relaxation techniques. Not always successful!
The fact you have a crushing sensation is not good so even though you’ll feel silly, you should go back to the doctor or go to A&E and tell them the whole story.
I’m sorry you’re getting this.
I get the physical symptoms of anxiety not so much the emotional, it’s very strange.
Good luck.

MiniMum97 Mon 05-Oct-20 21:57:27

If you don't feel anxious it won't be anxiety.

I would be concerned about the feelings of pressure etc. Heart issues can be difficult to identify in females and not show up in the standard tests.

Push for a referral to cardio for a full heart work up so they can run longer tapes, scans, other tests if appropriate.

RaeCJ82 Mon 05-Oct-20 22:21:59

Thanks for the responses. I'm going to try and speak to my GP again tomorrow. It's really difficult at the moment with them not really doing face to face consultations.

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Orchidflower1 Wed 07-Oct-20 08:42:23

If it’s made worse with exercise I’d push to see someone. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

RaeCJ82 Wed 07-Oct-20 11:37:39

Well the doctor basically said that they don't think there's anything wrong with my heart because the 24 hr ECG was fine. I said how debilitating it was but he just said next step is bloods. I'm having a blood test on Tuesday so we'll see if anything comes from that.

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RaeCJ82 Fri 09-Oct-20 13:51:48

So, I ended up back in urgent care yesterday. They sent to the same day emergency care unit and they have diagnosed pericarditis. I had a horrendous sore throat and little cough before this all kicked off and the doctor says she wouldn't be surprised if it was actually Covid, as they're getting quite a few ppl in with similar symptoms.

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Jamhandprints Fri 09-Oct-20 14:14:24

I dont know what that is OP, but I hope it means they can help.I'm glad you're finally getting taken seriously anyway. Hope you're feeling better soon. flowers

RaeCJ82 Fri 09-Oct-20 14:58:39

Thank you!! It's inflammation of the sac that surrounds the heart.

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jessstan1 Fri 09-Oct-20 15:05:02

Pericarditis is usually caused by a viral infection; anti-inflammatories are used to treat it.

I do hope you feel better soon.

Aldilogue Fri 09-Oct-20 22:27:21

OP glad to hear you went back and got a diagnosis. What is the treatment for that and how are you feeling?

RaeCJ82 Sat 10-Oct-20 07:53:58

I'm taking ibuprofen at the moment for the inflammation and the pain. I'm going to take some time off work to rest, as I've just tried to carry on as normal through it all, which I doubt has helped.

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jessstan1 Sat 10-Oct-20 12:28:32

You do need to take it easy for a bit, Rae, but it's good that you sought proper advice. You'll be fine.

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