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janepetersen Sun 27-Sep-20 09:41:58

Hi. I'm a mum of two and have found myself feeling a bit down and stressed a lot recently. I don't feel the need to talk to GP but I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for support tools you might use? Thanks in advance xx

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FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 28-Sep-20 21:06:21

Hi janepetersen - we're sorry to hear things have been tough lately - we hope you don't mind but we've moved your thread across to Mental Health as we think you'll find more support and help there.

When users are having a hard time we usually add a link to our Mental Health resources.
You can also go to the Samaritans website, or email them on

Support from other Mumsnetters is great and we really hope you will be able to take some comfort from your fellow posters, but as other MNers will tell you, it's really a good idea to seek RL help and support as well.

We hope things look a lot brighter for you really soon.

DJP82 Tue 29-Sep-20 13:07:10

Hi @janepetersen, I find that I get more stressed easily now, and that sometimes I feel a bit more down. As the message above says, those websites are great - but if you're feeling more overwhelm than sad, then I'd say that The Nourish App might be brilliant? They are specifically for mums, and have lots of great sections to deal with different emotions that you might be feeling at that time. They also signpost to mental health sites too, if needed. Hope that helps x

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