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Anxiety about COVID-19 has reached breaking point

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anonnposter Sun 13-Sep-20 19:45:06

I have had bad anxiety for several years but always kept it completely to myself. It's mainly health anxiety.

COVID cases in my area are rising quite sharply and there have been a few confirmed cases in in my wider circle e.g. friends of friends. I have a health condition that makes me high risk so I have not been meeting up with friends at all since cases started rising. However other family members I live with are going out still (as they should).

Earlier this afternoon one family member came home not feeling well and I just completely broke down in tears. I deep clean and sanitise everything all the time and wash my hands all the time yet I feel completely helpless in this situation. I feel so frustrated and like I have no control of this situation when family members are still going out and meeting up with friends. I am so anxious about catching it.

All my family members are, understandably, getting frustrated with me for being anxious.

Does anyone else have any advice or does anyone else feel like this? sad

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alreadytaken Sun 13-Sep-20 20:01:18

If you are really high risk, not just the anxiety talking, and your family members are going out other than for work or school then they are being unkind and you should feel frustrated by them. Can you isolate at all within your home? Do they have - and wear properly - masks?

I always recommend magnesium for anxiety, it has a calming effect. Dark chocolate and nuts are good sources. Epsom salt baths are good too.

anonnposter Sun 13-Sep-20 20:33:22

@alreadytaken Thank you for your reply. I am high risk but not in the vulnerable/shielding category.

I have my own bedroom so am just spending all my time in there but I have to share a kitchen and bathroom.

I have some dark chocolate so will treat myself to some this evening.

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Inkpaperstars Sun 13-Sep-20 23:41:33

I feel for you OP, I know that feeling of breaking point. The endless precautions and the anxiety itself are so stressful and exhausting and then something extra gets added to the strain. I am sorry you are struggling with it. Forgive me if you have already done this, but have you tried having a phone call with your GP or a doctor who manages your condition to discuss your risk factors, and maybe with the GP to talk about some medication that might help you get through this time.

alreadytaken Mon 14-Sep-20 13:17:36

There will be lots of minor coughs and cold around so I hoe the family member just had one of those. Maybe it would help your anxiety if they went straight into a shower when they came in, that is what many NHS staff do to help protect those they live with. It probably would help to talk to your doctor about anxiety medication.

From October you should be taking a supplement of vitamin D, which may reduce the risk of serious illness if you get Covid. Meanwhile sit outside in a garden when you can as sunlight and fresh air will lift your mood.

gg12346 Fri 18-Sep-20 03:07:16

@anonnposterI completely relate to you since I am in the same shoes. People in my family call me sometimes paranoid but the truth is that they should understand your position .Covid also will take a while to go. Your family members should only go out for work ( necessary ) , they should not socialize much. My DH and kid only mix with one family .This is a favor they have to do to u and it's their moral responsibility

Serengetiqueen Fri 18-Sep-20 07:31:00

OP, the tough reality for us all is that this pandemic is going to persist for some we all have to find our own ways of adapting and coping with the uncertainty in a positive way.if you spend too much time in your room just worrying this is only going to feed your growing worry about coming out and living in the world. I would print off or get your hands on a weekly wall planner. Start thinking about filling it in with basic activities which you perceive as low risk....go to local stores to buy your food, prepare good meals, get out for a daily walk, meet a friend outside, look into online yoga etc etc .....pills and things can help anxiety but really you’ve got to restructure and build routine for yourself and stick to that routine during these hard times. I would also recommend adult colouring books and word searches to deal with periods of anxiety spikes. Control your caffeine intake too. Hope this helps...good luck!

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