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Panicking whilst falling asleep?

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AnneBullen Sat 12-Sep-20 16:38:54

Hi, just after some advice. Not sure which section.

Recently - maybe for last six months or so? - I’ve been intermittently experiencing rushes of panic/adrenaline whilst trying to fall asleep. It’s all physical and centred in my chest. I’ll be drifting off then a huge wave of panic will overcome me, my body will flood with adrenaline, heart rate increases massively etc. It’s not related to anything I’m feeling or thinking, my mind is relaxed. I’ve also started to get some severe twitching/jerking whilst falling asleep, which doesn’t seem to occur at the same time as the panic.

I did think it might be something related to sleep apnea, but I really don’t think it is. My breathing is fine throughout.

I’ve never had a MH problem, my life is pretty good and stress free although of course dealing with work, kids and coronavirus like we all are. But it’s really weird and quite upsetting. I’ve just come for a nap and I’m sitting here with my chest on absolute fire from adrenaline, and I’m shaking.

Anyone had this, any ideas? Thanks

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msflibble Sat 12-Sep-20 16:57:06

I've had this, although it has been during times of great mental stress. Unfortunately once it starts happening it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy - you're worried subconsciously it'll happen, so then your stupid brain makes it happen - and the cycle continues! Is there something perhaps at the back of your mind bothering you that could be the root of your sudden inability to fall asleep? Anything?

Also - how old are you OP? If you're approaching perimenopausal age, the drop in hormones can affect sleep and cause anxiety issues. This could be the root of it. I've always struggled with sleep a bit but I'm certain my advancing age is making things worse.

I'd recommend trying something like listening to guided meditation for getting to sleep - there are loads of tracks for free on youtube. Listening to white noise like a thunderstorm also sometimes helps me.

If non-chemical means fail, try magnolia bark extract or CBD oil before bed. The former works well for me but I have friends who swear by the latter!

msflibble Sat 12-Sep-20 17:06:22

I've also just read that these attacks can be due to underlying conditions like thyroid disorders - so maybe first head to your GP and see if you can rule out or identify any potential physical issues. Good luck smile

AnneBullen Sun 13-Sep-20 10:30:16

Hi msflibble, thanks so much for replying. It’s really interesting what you say about hormones/age, I am 39 and definitely have noticed a change in my body temperature in the last year or so. I got to sleep fine last night but I was supposed to be having a lie in today and it’s happened this morning for an hour or so.

My mind is clear, I don’t have any particular anxieties. I found out I need to change my job role and obvs there has been the virus.

I will visit GP in a couple of weeks, I don’t want to be signed off or anything as my boss is on annual leave, but I will visit them after.

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