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Overwhelmed with life

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Anxiousgirl23 Thu 10-Sep-20 11:22:47

I'm really struggling...
31 weeks pregnant with my first baby which is a real struggle due to previous trauma and mental health issues such as anorexia when I was a teenager. The covid situation has meant my DH was furloughed in March then has been made redundant. I have an underlying autoimmune illness which is starting to flare and am panicking how on earth I'm going to cope with a new baby if ill.

The pregnancy also seems to be bringing up stuff from the past (not sure why) such as abuse I suffered from my alcoholic father and losing my mum when I was a teenager.

Just feeling like I can't cope with all this and everyday is a struggle. Been referred for therapy yet again but don't know when I'll get that or if it'll help.

Has anyone else felt like this?

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