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Anxiety over long journey

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Heidyx Tue 01-Sep-20 08:22:37

So im having some anxiety over the fact that we have a 5 hour car journey in a few weeks to visit a family member and obviously a 5 hour car journey a few days later. I keep having thoughts in my head that we are going to be in a bad car crash and we all die , or worse just my 2 year old dies. I know that if I didnt have the little one I probably wouldnt even think about it. Can someone just tell me im being silly. My anxiety has gotten worse since having her.

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homemadecommunistrussia Tue 01-Sep-20 08:25:36

What would you say to a friend if they were worrying about this?
We tend to give ourselves the worst advice and be are own harshest critics.

Heidyx Tue 01-Sep-20 08:30:30

Id say it will most likely be fine. And not to worry as anything could happen in every day life and we dont worry over that

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Wolfiefan Tue 01-Sep-20 08:34:16

Seek help for your anxiety. Speak to your GP.

Heidyx Tue 01-Sep-20 08:37:57

Honestly i feel if I went to a GP my mind would go blank as ti what to say. My anxiety doesnt stop me from doing anything , its just a horrible feeling

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Wolfiefan Tue 01-Sep-20 08:53:44

Write it down. Not saying you must have medication etc but there are books and CBT can help and all sorts of coping mechanisms. Really worth getting help at an early stage.

Heidyx Tue 01-Sep-20 09:04:55

I have thought about making an appointment for a long time but honestly when I try to think of how bad my anxiety can get i draw a blank. Keeping notes will help i think

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homemadecommunistrussia Tue 01-Sep-20 12:14:25

Some nhs trusts will let you self refer through an online system. It's worth searching for your local iapts, although it may have been affected by covid. I hope not, I found them really useful.
It really helps to have someone impartial give a non judgy view on your feelings and worries.
I hope you get some support and don't forget to listen to your own

Msbouffet Tue 01-Sep-20 13:02:36

Do you have life insurance? Beyond that, and taking reasonable care, there is not much more that any of us can do. I'm not belittling your fears as to have them is debilitating, but I know a family who has tragic circumstances and no life insurance so if you have that then take small comfort you are doing all you can.

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