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A reason for depression?

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turtola Sun 30-Aug-20 22:39:29

I've been feeling very low, empty, sad for the last couple of weeks. My motivation to do things I enjoy has just drained completely. I'm having happy moments within it but there's an overall cloud.

There are a few things going on in my life which I'm struggling with in general, including trying to conceive for months now, work being inflexible and not enjoying the role, health of a family member. But this feeling has come on over just a few days, and pretty recently.

Does depression have to have a 'reason' that kickstarts it, or is it not linked to event/situation in your life? Am I just feeling crappy, rather than something more diagnosable? I don't know how I'd know the difference.
Thanks for reading x

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Plussizejumpsuit Sun 30-Aug-20 23:01:55

It can be situation related. I can be a situation which triggers it and then even if that gets better it has effected your mental health longer term. But equally it doesn't work like that in there has to be a reason. I have experience on and off with depression and anxiety sometimes it just happens. That probably not what you want to hear, I know I didn't. As it feels less treatable.
Google NHS depression self assessment and there is a short questionnaire on how you are feeling with scores indicating what this means. But be honest when answering! I have done this lots and often think I'm not feeling as bad as I am and kind of answer more optimistically. Then think about speaking to a GP.

turtola Tue 01-Sep-20 22:50:05

@Plussizejumpsuit thank you for your message, that's really helpful. I've taken the questionnaire and it's helped to put things in perspective.

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ulanbatorismynextstop Wed 02-Sep-20 05:41:38

Our emotions are indicators to us, so if we're really unhappy/ depressed we need to change something in our lives. You need to find the route cause of your 'situational depression'.

Mine was my relationship, once that ended, everything felt better and less of a struggle.

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