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Anxiety tremors

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Cr20 Sat 29-Aug-20 16:41:34

I'm writing as I've been like this for about a week.

So last Friday I got a phone call from the doctors to say I needed my bloods taken again as the previous ones for my iron levels came back that my estrogen hormone is high. Anyways I've phoned back all last week waiting to hear what is wrong and still nothing and can wait up until 2 weeks anyways the more I'm waiting the more my anxiety is going through the roof and it is just in the mind like I'm not that nervous I think it's just the unknown but I'm getting such wrestles sleeps and tremors and shaking it's such a horrible feeling ? Does anyone else get this due to anxiety and what have you used to help it 😑😑😑

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Overit182 Wed 14-Oct-20 07:11:55

I get a tremor when im anxious, In my hands mainly & I am prescribed propranolol to take as and when required.

If this is a regular occurrence for you (or even an occasional issue but stops you functioning normally) then it might be an option to consider.

I hope it all worked out with the blood test and you don't even need to consider this but if you do need some help, this works for me x

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