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Help me find the right therapist

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rutabellsum Sat 22-Aug-20 00:21:41

Can anyone recommend a reputable adolescence therapist or psychologist specialist in helping teens to cope with sever ADHD? Location is North London or near enough, willing to pay private as Camh proven completely unhelpful. My DS is really struggling and his behaviour is deteriorating fast. I just can't find the right person searching online and am hoping to find a very experienced professional (20+ yrs) (sorry to be so specific but I have a lot of experience with therapy and in my opinion many years in practice makes a huge difference.)

Does anyone have a solid recommendation from other success stories of similar cases? Really really desperate to find the right person for my son, and very soon. 🙏🙏

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nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Sun 23-Aug-20 16:46:53

I can recommend a counsellor in North London but he doesn't specialise specifically in kids and is more like 10 years experience as he is only in his 30s but does have experience with ADHD. He's really helped me a lot with my anxiety, depression and OCD issues as well as trauma counselling despite me only initially presenting with anxiety. He's pretty unflappable in general really and seems fairly well rounded as a therapist.

If you want his name/number feel free to PM

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