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Extreme anxiety. Is that what I have?

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yarncakes Fri 21-Aug-20 18:28:50

I know I have health anxiety but I noticed I've also got anxiety which takes it to the next level. I know it may be weird to some people but to me it's so real.

Example : If I am cleaning with, say, polish and I breathe it in a bit like you do, I automatically walk off and start having a panic attack thinking my heart is going to stop as inhaled it and then I get my oximetr on to make sure my lungs are fine

2. I opened a tin to get something and found battery had exploded in there, leaving it full of acid. I quickly threw it and went straight to the sink to wash my hands and held my breath. I then started to panic thinking I'd also inhaled it and I would be pacing up and down like a caged tiger!

3. If I cut myself accidentally on a knife or something then my mind goes into overdrive and I think of tetanus, infections, sepsis. This is especially true when I accidentally caught my foot on a nail that was not rusty and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days!

4. Accidentally washed a nightlight which must've been put in the washing basket by my DS. When washing was done, I found it and quickly dropped it and backed away, thinking that chemicals are leaking out and that I'm going to get poisoned by it

Its pathetic I know. This absolutely dictates my life so much. Its ridiculous and my husband tells me to calm down but I can't. The way I panic so much that even people at work noticed.

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mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 18:43:01

Have you ever had any kind of OCD diagnosis? My friend from school used to wash her hands until her hands bled and the skin fell off because she was so worried about germs. Are you getting any kind of support for your worries? xx

yarncakes Tue 25-Aug-20 07:23:53

I don't think I'm OCD. I am when it comes to health anxiety though I think lol! Absolutely no support. Nowadays it is hard to come by but I'm just plodding on each day as it comes xx

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Notyouraveragecliche Tue 25-Aug-20 12:57:00

I have generalised anxiety disorder and I'm very similar to this. There are ways to help yourself but it does take a lot of work. Speak to your psychiatrist or doctor if you don't have a psychiatrist. I found therapy helped a lot and the medication pregabalin was great but the side effects were too much for me to continue with it.

Just want to say, you're not alone. Anxiety can be very debilitating xx

WitchSharkadder Tue 25-Aug-20 13:19:53

You're not alone, I feel the same way as you. Catastrophising over the smallest thing, constant fretting etc. I had a long course of CBT a few years back which really helped and I was doing great. Unfortunately the whole Covid thing mixed in with some other stresses is currently making me spiral. I'm trying to get back to counselling but that isn't easy in the current situation. Do speak to people though, family friends, your GP and keep on pushing for help.

I've just realised I haven't said anything helpful or constructive (sorry!) but just know you're not alone and it is possible to get better. Take care.

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