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I feel broken

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Devoilmum Sun 16-Aug-20 10:21:08

I think I’ve reached rock bottom. I just don’t have the strength anymore. I just want to run from everything.
I’ve been wfh since March, (fairly new job (jan) so still learning). Trying to hone school 3 tweens. Dp was furloughed but now back working, his job isn’t secure though. Found out in April he’d been having an affair. We are in separate rooms. He has cut contact and wants to work things out. I don’t know what I want. Parent given just a few months to live. Trying to support but work, distance makes it hard. No friends or real life support. Work is so busy, I can’t keep up and I am working crazy hours but still being pushed for more. Small team, one already signed off long term sick. The dcs have spent far too much time on games and you tube, they feel neglected and hit out at me for it. I’m not strong enough for their abuse. Parents don’t have any concept of mental health issues other than their own.

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linmanuel Sun 16-Aug-20 19:08:24

Oh my love I am sorry to hear this

linmanuel Sun 16-Aug-20 19:09:20

Can you take some time off work and do something the tweens would want to do? Give yourself a bit of a break?

Devoilmum Mon 17-Aug-20 10:49:01

Thank you. I have some time off coming up but at the moment I don’t have the capacity to deal with them. I can’t function normally. I wouldn’t be able to drive.

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