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Heart palpitations upon waking up - what could this be?

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xsquared Mon 10-Aug-20 18:06:05

I know it can be a range of things but for the last week I've been waking up with heart palpitations at around 6am or earlier and I struggle to get back to sleep most of the time.

I am 41.

Normally when they happen, I don't have any other symptoms other than a slight tingling in the fingers when I am trying to fall back asleep again through deep breaths.

I've been feeling a bit down recently with not being busy at work, but I am hoping this passes when I return later on in August. I am also going away at the end of this week so I am really looking forward to that.

I am not sure what I want from this thread. I feel I should go to the GP but they are likely to be dealing with a backlog of appointments and it usually takes a week to see anyone. sad

Thank you for reading.

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Spied Mon 10-Aug-20 18:11:49

I get palpitations and tingling amongst other things.. I have an anxiety disorder.
You mention you have been feeling down so there is a good chance that it's due to these emotions.
I'd definitely make a go appointment as soon as possible though to rule things out and put your mind at rest.

MurderousChicken Mon 10-Aug-20 18:19:01

Palpitations and tingling are symptoms of b12 deficiency.

Along with fatigue, brain fog, pins and needles, sore tongue, ‘sighing’ and feeling like you are not getting enough oxygen. I have b12 deficiency caused by pernicious anaemia and my main symptoms were palpitations and pins and needles in my hands on waking.

purpleme12 Mon 10-Aug-20 18:22:08

Do you think you've been anxious at all?
Or not?
Just because it might not be anxiety it might be something physical

xsquared Mon 10-Aug-20 18:30:58

Thank you for the replies.

@spied I think I will make an appointment. I just tried to use the online booking system but they're not doing that at the moment.

@MurderousChicken It is possible as I am vegetarian and don't eat a great deal of dairy either.

@purpleme12 Over the past week or so, I have been worrying about life in general, the past, regrets, the future. I have done several online tests and they don't ever seem to be consistent as they range from no risk to moderate risk.

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windmill4865 Mon 10-Aug-20 19:03:33

xsquared and others. Please get a blood test. I have been slowly getting deeper and deeper into sadness. Cutting to the chase. I had a blood test and I have no iron stores and B12 deficiency. If you google B12 and depression it is classic of the symptoms I have been experiencing. I will be having B12 injections 3 x per week for the next two weeks and then reviewed. Also, on Folic Acid. Please don't let it come to this with you. I was going mad and couldn't stop crying. I thought that low Iron just meant you felt faint.. but the other symptoms including the tingling, palpitations and anxiety are dreadful.. Wishing you well and hope you can get a test to start the ball rolling if it is that flowers

xsquared Mon 10-Aug-20 19:10:28

@windmill4865 Thank you for your post. OK, I think I will phone for an appointment tomorrow. Thank you.

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MurderousChicken Mon 10-Aug-20 20:37:37

@windmill4865, just to be sure, when you say you will be reviewed after 2 weeks, you don't mean a further blood test do you? Once you have started on b12 injections you shouldn't have your levels checked again, they will always be high. And just to forewarn you it can take a lot of time to feel better or approaching normal again. I do my own injections at home now because the standard 12-weekly ones were totally inadequate and it's taken me years to stabilise.

xsquared Tue 11-Aug-20 10:12:33

An update: I managed to get a phone consultation this morning, and I am booked for some blood tests and an ECG in a couple of weeks' time.

Fingers crossed that I'll have some answers then.

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windmill4865 Tue 11-Aug-20 11:09:07

Glad you have the blood tests.xquared

murderouschicken.. I was hoping I would at least not feel so anxious with the injections ? i have to go back to work in the office tomorrow (after working from home during the past 4 months) this could not have come at a worse time sad

MurderousChicken Tue 11-Aug-20 15:18:17

Windmill, you should get some improvement but pernicious anaemia (which is just one cause of b12 deficiency) builds up symptoms slowly and it can take years to repair all the damage. As I said my main symptoms of palpitations and numbness/tingling hands disappeared fairly quickly, within a few months. The crushing fatigue has taken longer. I haven't had anxiety or depression with It so no experience of how long to feel improvements for that. At least you are now on the right path, however long it takes you are heading in the right direction.

windmill4865 Tue 11-Aug-20 15:50:51

MurderousChicken.. Yes, I feel at least something is being done. I had no idea that B12 deficiency could cause MH problems. It was a chance comment I made to a Doctor .. I got a test and there you have it. If you google B12 and depression it is exactly how it was for me. The paranoia, overwhelming sadness.etc. I guess it affects everyone different ways.. or to different degrees.. Horrible . I had no idea it could be that sad

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