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Inappropriate behaviour in childhood connected to AN depression?

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EliseRainier Wed 05-Aug-20 09:14:09

I posted before about having just terminated a wanted pregnancy due to severe antenatal depression. I'm trying to understand what possible things that could have led me to this point and in amongst everything I keep coming back to this one particular thought that haunted me while I was pregnant and that was not wanting to be around one particular very close Male relative.

When I was going through puberty and developing he made a few inappropriate comments such as on one occasion squeezing my developing breasts and saying 'you're getting boobies'. Another time I gave him a hug and he told me not to get too close or he might think I 'liked' him. I was around 11 or 12 and he was an adult.

Just wondering if people think this sounds like something silly I should just let go of or if it's worth exploring with my counsellor once I start therapy. I'm so devastated over the whole thing I just want to know why it happened to me even though I know it's not always possible to get answers when it comes to mental health.

Thanks for reading x

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