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What happens when you reach rock bottom??

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Alienin Sun 02-Aug-20 23:41:53

Its bloody hard work. Are you safe at the moment? Is there anywhere other than your parents that you can go? Are there children if SS are involved?

ItWillAlwaysBeJustUsThree Sun 02-Aug-20 21:19:52

My life has fallen apart and I don’t know why or what I can do to fix it!

Iv recently lost my house (my landlord gave it to his daughter), had to move back in with my parents, my dad is terminally ill, I’m loosing my family and friends because of an abusive relationship that I was in for 5 years, I left last year and we had a year apart before we got back together this year, I thought things would have changed. Iv had the police at my door last week from an incident that occurred between us, the only moment I stood up to him and retaliated, I regret what I done, which have then resulted in social services being involved, the police didn’t take any action against me and just shut it down.
My life seems to be spiralling out of control, everything is falling apart and I don’t know what I can do to stop it. I got no one to talk too, feel like everyone is turning against me and the massive head fuck of all is the only person trying to be there for me is my ex partner that all this mess started with! I feel like I have no one. I’m having panic attacks daily, I’m not sleeping, I’m not eating.

How do you pick yourself up from rock bottom?

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